Here Are The Places People Can Only Get To By Private Jet

Posted by on 25/02/2015

Although flying on private jets calls for more bucks, it is a worthwhile option because you get to enjoy luxurious amenities, comfort and convenience, and that is why many people are finding it a viable option. Today, there are new escape locations which are so exclusive such that other kinds of flights have not kept up with.

For instance, getting to a private Pacific Island can take four flights on the regular airlines, but a private jet flight will get you there directly. That is the best thing about these private flights; it will take you where you want to go, while ensuring that you enjoy your privacy, comfort and convenience during the travel. And as said earlier, private jets can get you where you want to go. Surprisingly, there are places where you can only get to by private jet flights. They are as described below:      

Buzios, Brazil

This place has also been given the name St. Tropez of Brazil. Its fame comes because this is the one of the best places that offers a perfect jet-set destination for adventurers and beach lovers. You can also enjoy a six night stay in luxurious villa, as well as surfing lessons offered by pro surfers. You want to arrive here in style and a private jet flight is the perfect option.

Necker Island

This 74-acre island is one of the British Virgin Islands located just north of Virgin Gorda. Apart from being known to be the perfect tourist destination, the only way you can get here is by a private jet. And once you are in Necker Island, everything will be taken care of.

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort

Ever heard of the place where the sapphire blue waters of the Culebra Bay meet the Gulf of Papagayo in Costa Rica? It is none other than Andaz Penisula Papagayo. It has a breathtaking setting because you have to experience a relaxing ocean that comes with a mountainous background. In fact, this makes you fell like you belong here. Because Andaz Peninsula is quite exclusive, the nearest airport is not anywhere close, so a private jet will make sense because it will take you there directly.


In Maldivian, Naladhu is translated to the beautiful island. And there is a hotel called Naladhu hotel that you cannot afford to miss. It offers a mix of tropical and luxury seclusion on a palm covered island in the Maldives. Take a private jet and fly with your flight concierge to Naladhu where you will get someone waiting to escort you by boat to your private house. This is the ultimate getaway!

Ani Villas Anguilla

If you are looking for the fully serviced villas that pride in remarkable facilities and service, then Ani Villas Anguilla should be your bet. The fabulous villas are designed in a way to capture the dramatic Cliffside views and setting, to provide a remarkable living experience. This is another place where the private jet flight is ideal.

Viceroy Anguilla

You can also enjoy the amazing remote place like this one while maintaining the benefits of flying directly to this place. All you need to do is to charter your own jet and focus on getting there. Viceroy Anguilla is situated on 35 lavish acres with beachfront land along Meads and Barnes bays, and offers accommodations such as contemporary beachfront villas with butler service and full kitchens, lavish resort residences and sophisticated town homes. Renowned for its superb location, exceptional amenities and remarkable design, the resort draws jet setting tourists from all over the world.

Explora Patagonia

This one successfully merges both wilderness and luxury, thus making it the perfect destination for a group of people on vacation. It has some awe inspiring views of waterfalls and mountains, hence making it the most ideal place for experiencing the awesome Chilean wilderness. Planning to go on vacation? Gather your friends and take your private charter to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Little Dix Bay

So, you want to become an explorer or adventurer like the original visitors of this bay? It is only 29 minutes by air to Puerto Rico, the French West Indies or San Juan. So, you can jump happily from one island to another by private jet. 

Four Seasons, Nevis

Four Seasons, Nevis is a resort that sits in the middle of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. It prides in luxury and quality service, thus making it a desirable destination that could only be made perfect by travelling on a private jet. 

As you can see, there are many places where travelling on a private jet would be the better option because you want to be flown there directly. Of course, you also want to arrive in style and make the most of your travel. At Nova Jet we offer different types of jets that can suit different people's needs. If you are looking to rent a private jet, then we have all that you need. Contact us today and we will find the perfect private jet flight for you.