How Do You Calculate Private Jet Prices?

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4 months ago

If you are looking into luxury air travel or tend to use it frequently for your holidays and your business travels, it is important for you to understand the basics of how your private air travel fares are charged to you. When you understand these factors then you can anticipate changes in the private air fares better. There are a couple of factors which affect the price that is used in the market for travelling in luxury private jets.

Client’s requirements

When you contact someone for private air travel services, they would definitely need to get some basic information from you to set you up with a preferred and comfortable air travel plan. The information that they usually ask for is about the type of jet you would prefer to travel in, how many people would you be travelling with during the private air travel, the start and end point of your air travel, how long you would need the private jet to be with you for, the duration of the trip and if you would want a return trip back with the private jet or not. This information, once supplied, helps your private air jet chartering services to give you their best price for the package you would take.

In essence, a shorter trip would cost you less for private jet travel. For instance, a quick trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a decent jet would definitely cost you less than a return trip from Los Angeles to Europe. The length of stay of the private jet is also a huge determinant because these jets need at least two hours of travel time in a day to meet their profit goals. So if they are going to send you to a nearby location which is an hour away for a few days, it only makes sense for the companies to fly their jets back in between.

Hourly rates

Bigger jets cost more than smaller jets when you compare the rates per hour because of certain factors. Bigger jets use up more fuel compared to smaller jets, you need to employ more staff on board for bigger jets to serve passengers and basically all the fees and maintenance needed to support the bigger jet’s taxes and needs are generally all higher. This is why the hourly rate would definitely be more for a bigger jet compared to a smaller one. Getting yourself the right size of jet for safe travel is prudent so that you get the most out of your travel.

Availability of the private jets

The demand of private air travel varies from season to season and it is unpredictable for you to anticipate the market to be free or busy at different times. This makes it hard for us to foresee weather an aircraft will be available for travel way before the actual date. Sometimes, for example, if you are travelling from Toronto to Houston, and if there are no available planes in Toronto, you might need to pay a plane to fly in to pick you up from Toronto to go back to Houston. This is called repositioning charges.

Empty Leg Discount

There are sometimes you can take advantage of something called Empty Leg Flights. These are flights which would come in the cheapest prices in the market. It is hard to anticipate these flights in advance so this idea would only work if you are flexible with you travel dates and times or if you are booking in last minute. Such flights are definitely the top option for those who are trying to fly privately on a tight budget.

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