Factors that Effect Private Jet Prices

Posted by on 24/12/2010

Do you think that a commercial flight would always cost less than a private jet? No! A private jet price may be humongous if you are travelling alone, but when you are travelling in a group, you will be shocked to know that the individual costs on a private jet is not as high as a commercial flight. Therefore, private jet prices are not way over your head, if you intend to travel with the right number of passengers.
Apart from the number of passengers, private jet prices also depend on the type of plane. If you opt for a luxury charter, you are bound to pay more. On the other hand, if you opt for a modest jet, there will be no need to empty your pockets.
The destination also plays a major role in deciding the private jet prices. The longer the distance, the greater will be the charges. However, there is a very legitimate way to cut down on one way travels. All you need to do is approach the private jet agencies and ask for any dead head flights. These are the flights that bring passengers from outside, but will have to return empty. If you can fill in such a jet, you will receive a handsome rebate and have an experience of a lifetime.