First Class vs. Private Jet Charter: What's the Difference?

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Flying first class and chartering a private jet are both premium ways to travel by air, but that is where the similarities end. Although usually more expensive, private jets offer a level of convenience and luxury that flying first class on a commercial flight can’t match.

These are the key differences between first-class travel and flying by private jet:

Time and Scheduling

If you have the funds to considerchartering a private jet, it is fair to say that your time is probably worth a lot of money. While flying first-class does get you through check-in and customs a little faster, you are still boarding a commercial flight. That means you will still be dealing with the same busy airport terminals, security queues, and waits at baggage claim that everyone else faces. All this means that even when flying first class, you will still spend a lot of time hanging around at both ends of the journey.

This is one of the biggest benefits of flying private over first class. Your group of people is the only passengers that need to be checked in and have their baggage loaded, and that alone greatly reduces the time you waste in airports. Depending on your flight, you might be able to arrive less than 10 minutes before your flight.

Flying privately also gives your schedule a lot more flexibility. If you are running late in a business meeting or stuck in traffic, missing a commercial flight could cost you a lot of time. Conversely, a private jet is not going to fly without its only passengers. Missing your planned take-off time might mean a small wait while your flight is rescheduled, but you won’t need to wait to book a seat on the next flight to your destination, which could take hours.

Private flights can also save time by taking a more direct route to your destination. Commercial airlines may not fly a route directly to a less popular destination from your location if it is not profitable for them to do so. As a result, you might have to take one or more connecting flights or other modes of transport to get there. In these scenarios, chartering a private jet could take many hours off your travel time, especially on long journeys.

Onboard Experience

The most obvious difference in onboard experience is that private flights are, well, private. Your group will have the plane to yourselves, and you don’t need to worry about disturbing or being disturbed by other passengers. With the global pandemic still ongoing, it should also go without saying that flying privately, either alone or with a select group of people, carries a much lower risk of infection than a commercial flight packed with hundreds of strangers.

That means you can move around a lot more freely, and the extra space allows for the inclusion of beds, tables, and desks to work and dine in comfort, and entertainment systems. You’ll be able to choose from a wider range of high-quality catered meals and depending on the aviation group you may even be able to bring your pets on board. Whether you want to spend your flight getting some important work done, having a good time, or simply getting some uninterrupted sleep, private jets have a clear advantage here.

The onboard amenities available on private jets are not as standardized as commercial flights, however. If you need specific accommodation on your flight such as WiFi, make sure the jet you book can provide it. Of course, if you are buying a private jet outright, you can have it kitted out exactly according to your needs. Buying a private jet can also give you more even freedom both in terms of when and where you can fly, but also regarding on-flight restrictions such as whether you can smoke or drink onboard.


Commercial flights have strict baggage allowances in order to maximize their profits from each flight. While flying first class usually means you can take more luggage with you, it is still fairly restrictive, and taking delicate items such as musical instruments and sports equipment on a commercial flight can be risky, as they are likely to be handled roughly during transit.

Private flights offer much more flexibility here. Not only can you take a lot more baggage in the hold, but you can also take much more carry-on luggage, making it much easier to transport delicate or precious items.


The main benefit of flying first class over private jet is the price, with even the cheapest private jet flights costing over $1000. There are other differences in pricing than the cost, however. When you fly on a commercial flight, you need to rent a seat for every person that you are flying with, whereas when flying privately you are paying for the flight itself, which means you pay the same amount whether you are traveling alone or maxing out the plane’s capacity. If you want to be able to accommodate unexpected additional passengers on a commercial flight, you need to hope there are still unbooked seats you can buy, whereas this is not an obstacle on a private jet.

Private Jet Charters Beat First Class On Everything But The Price

For those who can afford it, private jets offer clear benefits over first-class travel in terms of both convenience and luxury. When your time is valuable, flying privately can save countless hours of hassle and stress, ensuring that you arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed.

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