How Do Charter Brokers Differ from Charter Operators?

Posted by on 27/04/2016

When you want to book a flight from Washington to New York, or to and from any other destinations, you'll likely pull up a site like Expedia or Travelocity to search for flights. You might end up booking your flight through Delta or United, but you will first deal with the site, which is a broker. If you booked the flight directly through Delta's website, you'd be purchasing from the operator.

The same difference exists for private, charter flights. If you are trying to book a charter flight, it is important that you know the difference between an operator and a broker:

Charter Operator

A charter operator actually conducts the flights that are offered. The operator maintains the fleet of aircraft and the crew that flies and maintains the fleet.

Most importantly, charter operators must undergoing rigorous certification standards by the FAA to offer flights. They must also submit to continuous oversight and meet ongoing standards to remain in business.

You can book your flight directly with a charter operator to save money or find out about last-minute deals. If you get in the habit of booking with the operator directly, you can also build a relationship with that provider. Establishing those connections may make it easier for you to get upgrades and other perks along the way as a result of your loyalty.

Charter Broker

A charter broker helps people book flights on a variety of jets provided by different charter operators. The advantage to working with a charter broker is that you can find a wide variety of flights so you have more options that meet your needs.

You may have to pay more money for a flight if you book through a charter broker, but this is not necessarily always the case. Brokers make a fee from the operator for selling these flights. However, because they give the operator more exposure, the flights can sometimes be offered at a lower price - which means that you pay less even while the broker still collects the fee.

If you have a charter operator that you really like, you can still book through a broker. But using a brokerage gives you more options so that you are not limited in your scheduling.

Knowing the difference between charter operators and brokers can help you understand more about the business you are working with when you choose your flights. You'll be able to make more informed decisions as a result.