How to Fly Private Jets at Airline Price

Posted by on 11/05/2016

Flying a private jet is the dream. It shows that you are living the good life. You are living so large that you are even above first class. In fact, the people in first class look like coupon clippers compared to where you are on your own private jet.

But you might think that you can't afford to fly a private jet until you're a celebrity or some corporate big wig. The truth is that you can actually fly a private jet at commercial airline prices if you know where to look. You're the only one who has to know that you don't have the bankroll of a professional athlete.

Here are a few ways to save on private jet flights:

  • Book Deadhead Flights

Once a private jet drops off its passengers, it generally has to return to its point of origin empty. Most charter operators don't stay as busy as commercial airlines, so they don't fill up a flight as soon as they empty one. Therefore, the operator makes no money on the return flight.

These empty flights are known as deadhead flights or empty legs and you can sometimes book these flights at an extreme discount. You won't have any control over your flight times, but you can save a lot of money. Your flight can also be changed very quickly without notice.

  • Search Last-Minute Fares

Just like commercial airlines, charter operators don't always fully book their flights and they get last-minute cancellations. Therefore, they are motivated to sell these seats for a discount rather than risk not making any money on them at all.

Search flights at the last minute or contact the charter operator directly to find out what might be available.

  • Travel with a Group

If you can book an entire private jet, you can potentially save a lot of money. You can either form your own group, or you can use sites that connect you with other people who are traveling to form a group.

Planning your family vacation or a business trip will make getting a group easy. You can bring down the per-person rate for travel and enjoy the perks of traveling with only your family or your co-workers.

Don't let the cost of private jet travel put you off. You can easily save if you do your homework and are vigilant. Then you can enjoy the amenities of private flight and the bragging rights.