Price of a Private Jet

Posted by on 17/06/2011

You probably think that it costs a lot of money to rent a private jet and in reality it does cost a considerable amount. However, that price is usually not as high as you might think it is. Renting a private jet in a regular basis will drive almost anyone bankrupt unless you have rich sponsors. Sometimes it can be a good idea to split the cost of a private jet with a bunch of people who are willing to fly with you as well. In most cases the price per person won’t be as much as a first class ticket on a commercial airplane. However, it depends on how long the airplane has to fly for; most airplanes charge per hour. So if the airplane you want to fly on is charging 1000$ per hour and your flight time should be around 4 hours and you are going to split the cost with 5 people the price per person would come to around 800$. Sure, that price is probably more than a first class ticket on an airplane to the same destination but flying in a private jet is usually worth the price. You will have maximum comfort in a private jet.