Safety issues for private jets

Posted by on 29/08/2011

If you have decided on taking a flight in a chartered business jet, make sure that you equip yourself with sufficient knowledge of the safety issues involved. When it comes to safety, the two parties involved are the flight crew and the aircraft.

As far as the flight crew is concerned, make sure that you have met your private jet pilot in advance, Meeting him would make you gauge his level of confidence and to determine his competence as well. Do not hesitate in all to ask for his credentials and experience. Scrutinise your options on the basis of authentic personal references and do not refrain from asking and enquiring about previous complaints if any. In case you have some time, check the web for reviews of the service provider but do not be entirely dependent on such reviews as there is a high probability of them being fake and fraudulent in nature.

As far as the aircraft is concerned, check for the necessary certifications and make sure that all the necessary paperwork is done and in place. Make sure that you keep interacting with the pilot during the flight from time to time to make sure things are working fine.