Top Differences between Scheduled and Charter Flights

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When you book a flight on an airline like Delta, you are booking what is known as a "scheduled flight." With a scheduled flight, you have to go through long lines to check in, undergo security screening, and face a number of restrictions about what you can pack or bring on the airplane with you.

A chartered flight is a smaller, private flight that allows you much more freedom. You can skip the long check-in lines and security pat downs, and you can enjoy a quiet, stress-free flight.

Here are just a few more of the top differences between scheduled and chartered flights:

Group Flights

Flying on a scheduled flight with a group can be challenging. You have to try to book all your seats together, or you have to rely on the kindness of strangers to switch with you. Even if you are sitting together, you will have to navigate between narrow aisles and close seating to get up and talk to each other.

On a chartered flight, it's just you and your group members. You don't have to worry about who sits where, and you don't have to worry about annoying your fellow passengers. You can have an intimate flight for just your group.

Limited Destinations

If you are trying to reach a remote destination, you might have no other option than to take a charter flight. Many commercial airlines do not fly into remote destinations, such as small, tropical islands or underpopulated areas.

Instead of taking a major airline into a commercial hub and then transferring to a charter flight, you can just take a charter flight from door to door, saving you time and money.


Some charter flights offer amenities that can rival first class. You can enjoy seats that look more like the recliners you have in your living room, and you can have a personal flat-screen TV to watch a movie or show. If you need to do work, you can sit at one of the large tables to spread out your work papers and computer.

Now compare that image to the two inches of "recline" you get on a commercial airline seat or the tiny screen that plays movies in front of you that may not always work. You'll feel like a celebrity with all the amenities you get on a charter flight.

Stop settling for less with commercial, scheduled flights. Book a charter flight for your next vacation!

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