What Is The Cheapest Private Jet?

Posted by on 20/06/2016

Budget is among our consideration in planning a trip and choosing a perfect flight accommodation for us. We are often under the impression that getting a jet would cost us an arm and a leg. These are only myths.

Hiring a private jet or booking a charter flight can give us a convenient flight with surprisingly fair pricing. Most companies abide with a quotation system to estimate the costs and pricing of your flight rental. Request a quote from a local private charter. You may be surprised with how affordable it is. Upon you request, you may discuss the terms of distance from your local airport to your destination, on how many days you’ll need their service and the size of the jet you wish to hire.

Flight Details

There are lots of factors by a jet you’ll wish to consider before booking for one. Here are some flight details that may affect your jet cost:

  • Duration of Your Flight - Most private jets charge you hourly. Since the rate is per hour, you might need to consider which destination you are in. Business trips are first intentions to hire a private jet for business personnel to relax in long hours of flight. For vacation and leisurely travel short distances in your private jet might be qualified in your budget.
  • Private Jet Class - The private jet class is the size of the jet and the capacity of the cabin. If it is just a turbo prop or a light jet, it will only cost you a fair amount of 1 one to two grand to the nearest destination you can imagine. This factor is directly related to the duration of your flight since the size of a jet gives out its range of flight.
  • Range of Your Flight - The range determines the distance from which your jet class can fly through. Smaller and lighter jets offer shorter range. All of which affect your jet’s performance.

Flight Tip

Booking on “empty leg” flights can save you a fair amount of money. An “empty leg flight” is a private jet booked for a one-way flight and there is no passenger on the returning flight. Empty leg flights are cheaper and can range up to thousands of dollars less from the actual airfare.