Why are Airplanes Considered the Safest Method of Transporting?

Nowadays there are many different means of transportation, among which airplanes are known to be the absolutely safest way to travel. From the plane seats and the cabin air to the altitude and course of the flight, every decision in aviation comes after very careful consideration of the safety of the passengers. There are a number of reasons why an airline safety ranking is much higher than other methods of transportation.

The Evolution of Aviation

Mankind taking to the air is a relatively new concept which started in 1783 when two brothers (Joseph-Michael and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier) demonstrated their concept of the hot air balloon in Annonay, France. This was well before the Wright brothers made their first successful flight in 1903. As a race, we adapt very quickly and through innovation, technology and experience the evolution of flight has led to the endeavor becoming safer with each year that passes. These days the airline safety rating being as high as it is, is the result of regulation, education and training.

Airworthiness Authorities and Maintenance

Each country has their own airworthiness authorities who provide regulations on everything from the level of training that pilots, crew members and engineers receive, to how often and how thorough aircraft need to be inspected. The U.S. has the Federal Aviation Administration, Canada has Transport Canada, Europe has the European Aviation Safety Agency and so forth. With this in mind, there isn’t a rivet, nut or bolt on an aircraft that hasn’t been inspected countless times and replaced as necessary. In fact, if you’ve ever found your flight delayed it’s most likely due to the fact that engineers are making sure the airplane is 100% safe to fly, or because there is bad weather on the intended route.

The Safest Airlines in the World List

Safety is always the number one priority of airlines. In fact, that’s all learning to fly a plane is about from the first sentence of theory a student pilot reads, to the last hour of flight he or she has accumulated. Only pilots with enough experience (including thousands of hours of flight time) and demonstrated ability are lucky enough to be recruited by airlines and other aviation industries – including chartered jet companies. Even so, those looking for the safest airlines in the World can start with the following top 20 safest airlines list in alphabetical order:

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air New Zealand; Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Qantas, Scandinavian Airline System, Singapore Airlines, Swiss, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

Flight is a luxury that only a tiny percentage of people in recorded history have had the opportunity of experiencing. With the pointers above (and many more not addressed), it’s easy to see that it is the safest way of travel – and a method that is only going to become more relaxing and safer as time goes by.

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