Chartering a private jet is the next evolution in entertaining clients

Chartering a private jet is the next evolution in entertaining clients

Client appreciation sometimes feels more like a chore than a genuine opportunity to express gratitude to your client list, doesn’t it?

We often see the traditional routes like a private box at the Leafs game, out to dinner, or spending a few hours on a golf cart, but the creativity doesn’t extend too far from that. And while those are all well and good, there is actually one thing that remains true – they all provide an element of privacy and luxury.

So why would your travel be any different?

Think about it for a moment; with business travel being so intertwined into a corporate schedule throughout the year, it’s a perfect opportunity to reconnect on an interpersonal level with your network, while making the most of your respective calendars.

Whether you are flying together for a meeting, a conference or just some much needed time away - why not shake things up and show them how much you truly appreciate them!

Chartering a private jet provides you with the privacy, flexibility and comfort to entertain clients – where flying commercial just doesn’t allow for the same experience.

Flying private reflects your professional values and visions

This type of unmatched experienced impresses upon and reflects the why behind what you do for your clients. This is the type of strong core value that seeps into your mission and actually acts as your North Star while taking client appreciation to the next level.

Charting a private jet on behalf of your clients shows that you respect their time when it comes to the necessary, yet sometimes burden of travel. It shows that you invest in your professional relationships through a deeper connection that sometimes gets lost in the midst of managing your business. And it shows that you strive to go above and beyond for your clients because the relationship means more on an interpersonal level to you than it does for your bottom line.

Helping you reach potential clients – while nurturing existing relationships

Client entertainment ideas can sometimes become boring and derivative, and typically is limited to traditional avenues such as, sporting events, golf games or dinner reservations; but chartering a private jet can actually be an invaluable asset that helps you grow your business while making the most of your travel time – and setting you apart from competitors.

This type of comfortable settings helps you engage with them on a different level where you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to when sticking to the conventional routes.

Never skip a beat: The best way to keep your business moving at 45,000 feet

Did you know that you can reduce your travel time up to 60% when flying with a private jet? You can lose all the stops and starts and unnecessary hassle with commercial travel and focus on what is most important to you. Chartering a private jet is an unparalleled level of service that makes travel quick, efficient and completely turn-key. With a spacious interior and a comfortable environment, mixing business with completely enjoying the moment has never been easier.

A seamless experience for on-demand, luxury travel

For travellers arriving by private jet all around the world, it makes for wire-to-wire travel flexibility, luxury and style completely baked into the whole experience. So that means you will never have a meeting interrupted, never deal with unnecessary stress or disruption and never have to worry about how to entertain a high-profile client ever again.

You now have a chartered jet service to take you to all the places that your business takes you.

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