The Dassault Falcon: The Workhorse of the Skies

The Dassault Falcon: The Workhorse of the Skies

The Dassault Falcon series is the benchmark for the 21st century business jet.


There's a reason why the Dassault Falcon is the workhorse of the skies, because no detail is overlooked. This impressive aircraft needs its own shout out for its unrivaled efficiency, high-performance, and its breathtaking interior layout that continues to up the industry standard.


Here's a quick look into the anatomy of why the Dassault Falcon continues to lead the pack with its almost 18 million hours of total flight time.


Built for business


The beauty of this proven performer lies in its balance. The 900LX is strong yet light, agile yet smooth, powerful yet efficient.


With four glove soft captain’s style chairs and plenty of legroom, it’s one of a kind highly refined interior cabin is equipped with room enough for three separate lounge areas, so passengers can work, connect or relax over a fine meal.


Making the marathons happen


The Dassault Falcon 2000 is an aircraft that is designed to whisk up to 10 people and their baggage across continents and oceans in comfort and style. This aircraft can comfortably fly a group across the continent or over to Europe without breaking a sweat with its unmatched range and efficiency. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful Falcons ever. 

Pure elegance, efficiency and performance

From nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip, the Falcon series is one of pure elegance, efficiency, and performance. The Falcon 900 is one of Dassault's most spacious and capable executive jets, and physically defines the world’s most technologically advanced business jet. Boasting remarkable cabin height and dual zone cabin, this powerhouse is built like a hotel in the sky.


The Falcon 900: Reimagined for the future


The popular Falcon 900 series stands alone in its class for performance, comfort and efficiency. Being a leader in its class means that it's establishing an industry benchmark for longevity, durability, reliability and long-term value retention. This is a proven performer that will take you places its competitors cannot, like short runways, hot-and-high airports with its undeniable fuel economy.


The pioneering idea of the trijet design


The beauty of the 900’s trijet design lowers critical speeds for safer landings and superior short-field agility. It’s more maneuverable on the tarmac, requires less hangar space and provides greater peace of mind during the long-distance treks, not to mention the extra bit of muscle for more direct routing on long routes over water. The trijet design lets you get into and out of airports other comparable twinjet’s cannot get near


A legend in the making


The Dassault Family is one of prestige with its high standards of engineering, structural quality, and innovation. Since its inception, more than 500 Falcon 900 aircraft have been delivered, each generation refining and building on the strengths of the previous.


This recognized, global brand keeps adding to the history books with its impressive ability to redefine how business travel should look like.

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