Destination Spotlight: Aspen, Colorado

There are a few key destinations that our team at NovaJet Aviation Group is highly familiar with due to the sheer frequency of flights we take there. In the winter, one of the top contenders for most popular vacation destination is Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a winter wonderland straight out of an outdoorsman’s dream. Situated in the heart of the White River National Forest and bordered by the Elk Mountains, it is a first-class destination.

The History of Aspen

Once a silver-mining town during the boom of the 1800s, it was during the cultural renaissance of the 1940s that Aspen began to truly take the form that we know and love today.

Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke arrived in town and with it brought their image for what they believed Aspen could become, known as The Aspen Idea.

The Aspen Idea exudes itself eloquently from peak to valley in the town. Which you will soon understand for yourself should you choose to charter a jet to visit the remarkable destination!

Since there are such a wide variety of things to get up to on a trip to Aspen, we compiled a list of our highlights you won’t want to miss.

You need to see: Aspen Snowmass Resort

  • For Skiers and Snowboarders: 
    • Marvel in the glorious 4-mountain views and enjoy fresh powder filled runs down the world-renowned resort. 
    • Buttermilk Mountain, home to the Aspen X Games is the perfect place for beginners to get their bearings and learn to ski or snowboard. 
    •   Aspen Mountain, typically referred to as “Ajax”, is accessible from the downtown core, making it simple to go for your runs and then go shopping directly after! 
    • Furthermore, Aspen Highlands is known for the historic Highland Bowl, and Snowmass is home to a vast acreage! 
    • After exploring the mountains, take in the relaxing atmosphere at Aspen’s famous après ski spots!
  •  For Nature Lovers: 
    • Take in the stunning scenery of Aspen by going on a cross-country snowshoeing adventure. 
    • Rise above the beautiful landscape by taking a hot-air balloon ride. 
    • Spend your afternoons fly-fishing with your closest friends. 

If you can already feel the exhilaration of the skiing down Aspen’s mountains coursing through your bones, it may be time to book your trip! Contact our team at NovaJet Aviation Group today to request a quote!

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