Flying private with kids is now a breeze

For today’s parent, travelling with kids can bring its own set of challenges, excitement and randomness around every corner.


It can sometimes feel overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating - and did we say overwhelming already? For some parents, travelling can be highly stressful, both for you and your kids. Flying private means that all of that uneasiness and uncertainty is completely taken off your plate, because your jet charter has the entire routine down to a science.  


Here’s how we make travelling with kids so much easier for you.


It’s stocked with snacks


Between light refreshments, and kid-friendly, healthy snacks, we have you covered so they aren’t riled up on sugar and won’t get hangry! (yes, hangry is very definitely a thing!)


There’s actually tons to do for the kids


It goes without saying, but you want your kids to be comfortable and have fun on their travels as well! So, while it might seem like flying private is more of an adult experience, here’s a few things that kids can do on board an aircraft.


  • Have the unique opportunity of interacting with your flight crew before you depart and experiencing the memorizing visual of the cockpit view right from the comfort of their own seat.
  • Can’t live without Sesame Street, Pepper Pig or the latest teen drama? No problem, Stream to your iPad with on-board Wi-Fi. Private aircraft is exactly that – it’s private! With tons of space for the kids to hang out, read books, play with toys or just explore, you can always keep a close eye on them.


P.S. There’s also a fully stocked drinks cabinet on board so you’re taken care of too. We want to make sure you’re taken care of as well!


Didn’t sleep? No worries!


Kids can be unpredictable when it comes to how, when and if they will actually take a nap -and there is nothing worse than travelling with a restless child. One of the major benefits to flying private means that they have their own personal lounge area. With a roomy interior, comfortable sleeping accommodations and reclining chairs, it's like having your own hotel and daycare in the sky!

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