Why does the entire experience matter?

Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering an exceptional experience that makes them stand out from their competition. No matter the vertical or target audience, brands from all over the world are completely redoing their strategies to now compete on the customer experience playing field.  


Why? Well because customers are flush with options in today’s marketplace and have the power to choose what jet charter works for them – and they want the complete end-to-end experience to be picture perfect.


And to be honest – we don’t blame them one bit.


Customer experience is revolutionizing what a brand stands for


While marketers are dead set on making the most of the customer journey, it really just comes down to empathy. Empathy is critical, because it comes from sharing every part of the journey with the customer and seeing the entire experience from their viewpoint.


Focusing and restructuring the overall customer experience is most important investment a brand can make in today’s competitive business climate – and one that is far overdue from getting its recognition.


How we are making every touch point unique


While some companies are back pedaling to try and shift their focus towards an enlightening experience for their customers, we are proud to be well ahead of the curve on this because of how important family is to us. From the moment you board a NovaJet plane you are considered part of our family – and that’s a designation we take very seriously.


Here’s just a small sample size of what our experience looks like.

  1. A seamless booking process: No matter where, when or how quickly you need to book, you always get reliable booking access online, in person or on the phone.
  2. Unparalleled service: 24/7 access to customer service means that no matter how big or small your concern is, a dedicated member of our staff will be there to handle it. That’s a promise we are proud to boast.
  3. Professional advice on choosing an aircraft: Allow one of our dedicated charter experts guide you through the process of selecting the correct aircraft which meets your trip.  Tailored service for every trip, not “cookie cutter” solutions.
  4. Personalized attention to detail: When we say our clients are family – we sincerely mean it. We get to know everyone and anticipate their needs so it’s a tailormade experience from booking to boarding. With our private air charter concierge service, no request is too great or too small. We understand that it can be overwhelming with options; especially when you’re trying to customize your aircraft to your specific needs.


From the moment you interact with our brand, you’re met with a curated, personalized and service-oriented culture that offers the ultimate flexibility, convenience, and comfort.


It’s the little things that helps distinguish NovaJet as one of Canada's preferred Executive Jet Charter choice. 


Unparalleled Service

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