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Chartering a Jet Flight from Toronto to Colorado Springs

Although not the largest city in Colorado, Colorado Springs is one of the most celebrated cities in the region with unique attractions, historic landmarks and nature trails. Boasting its vast prairie fields and developed business culture, Colorado Springs gives us a fresh outlook from a meadow town to a big shot in career and business opportunities. The city offers a variety of event venues that can cater your event services needs. With an intimate and homey feel, their facilities are convenient for any kind of gathering. Located in different parts away and within downtown Colorado Springs, Bear Trap Ranch, a rustic facility for any type of use, and Beckett Event Center, the newest event center in the Springs, are both well-known for their quality and praised accommodation.

Trip to Colorado Springs

With a private charter plane, you can arrive at Calhan Airport (code 5V4) from YYZ in five hours and 30 minutes without the long, dragging experience from a commercial flight.

Other airports that serve private charter flights are Meadow Lake Airport (code K00V), USAF Academy Airstrip (code KAFF), both of which are just 13 miles within Colorado Springs’ vicinity.

Step in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs prides itself with the greenery in each corner of the city. All of which contribute to the nature-laden beauty of the place. Golf courses of small and vast sizes are convenient after business affairs with your colleagues. Explore all kinds of golf facilities from Adventure Miniature Golf and Batting Cages to Garden of the Gods Club& Resort and other top-notch ranges.

Casinos also provide entertainment with their new high stakes gaming and state-of-the-art service along Cripple Creek. Have fun at numerous casinos and gambling stations in the city. You can experience fine dining in unique way in Southeast Colorado Springs with the Airplane Restaurant. Enjoy your meal served in an old Boeing KC-97 tanker taking aviation to whole new culinary level.

Colorado Springs feature more than regular city can offer. The small town gives you a feeling that everything is just like home.

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