6 Lavish Travel Destinations to Explore via Private Jet

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10 months ago

These days, governments and travel authorities have made it incredibly easy for jet-setters to step onto foreign soil. The most accessible destinations see some tens of millions of visitors each year, with dense crowds of tourists flooding their streets even during off-season.

While it would be exciting to see some of the hottest tourist spots around the globe, elbowing your way through throngs of other travelers can be less than exhilarating. Not to mention those cramped airplane conditions that can get hot, heavy, and headache-y. No thanks.

Fortunately, there are far more destinations than those we so often see on our socials. The world is home to beautiful, hidden gems that offer a wealth of experiences for those who are willing to go the distance - and who are willing to take a private jet.

Want to explore the road less traveled? Here are the hottest tourist destinations of 2019 that you can reach via private jet.

1.St. Moritz, Switzerland

Perpetually blanketed in a sheet of snow, St. Mortiz, Switzerland is luxury alpine resort tucked away in the Engandin Valley. This exclusive skiing destination is potentially the most breathtaking across the entire globe, littered with a wealth of luxurious 5-star hotels that make it a traveler's dream.

At over 3 hours away from the nearest airports in Milan and Geneva, St. Mortiz has earned for itself a niche patronage. So while it might provide a rich, lavish travel experience, it doesn't see quite as many visitors as Switzerland's main thoroughfare. What that means for you is that you get to enjoy its glorious sights and sounds all to yourself. No crowds, no lines, and no fuss.

To curb the long hours of driving, travel enthusiasts recommend taking a private jet to the Samedan regional airport, where quaint facilities await the arrival and usher the departure of smaller private planes and jet. From there, it's a mere 20 to 30 minute drive to the lavish alpine resort of St. Mortiz.

2.Norman's Cay, Bahamas

There are a number of destinations in the Caribbean that might be easier to reach via private jet. But Norman's Cay is the only location that can be entered exclusively by a private flight, with no other means of transport to and from the secluded island. This Bahamian resort paradise claims a rich history, once home to the notorious Carlos Lehder's drug smuggling operations. He chose the destination because of its relative inaccessibility, but when his business was busted in the 1980's, the beautiful untouched paradise became the subject of travelers' interest.

Today, Norman's Cay is a bright, breathtaking luxury hotspot for those in search of the quintessential Caribbean getaway. With glistening, impeccably preserved shorelines, and miles and miles of crystal clear turquoise waters as far as the eyes can see, Norman's Cay is a tropical nirvana that brings you closer to nature in the most lavish way possible.

Enjoy a private beachfront villa, mouthwatering seafood buffets, and tons of heart-pumping sports and activities, all in the heart of this lush island paradise that's strictly reserved for first-class travelers.

3.Faroe Islands, Denmark

Abundant in dramatic landscapes, exotic bird species, and sleepy towns, the Faroe Islands has everything you would look for in a peaceful retreat. The cluster of 18 volcanic islands boasts unspoiled natural scenic spots, shrouded in a cloud of fog that adds to its mysterious appeal. Needless to say, it's status as a relatively unknown destination makes it incredibly exclusive, solely reserved for those who seek her out.

Quaint cottages and tight-knit communities are surrounded by majestic cliffs and mountains, littered with freshwater streams and waterfalls that descend from heights of 140 meters. Many of those who are new to the destination find unfathomable comfort and release from the picturesque hiking trails that wind through lush, natural scenery that can give you a respite like never before.

To reach the Faroe Islands, a private jet en route to Vargan Airport - the only airport in the archipelago - makes the ideal course of travel. This can save you the hours-long journey across the unforgiving cold waters that surround the islands, saving you time and keeping you safe as you voyage.

4.Amangiri Resort, Utah

As one of the most exclusive 5-star properties in the United States, the Amangiri Resort can be difficult to reach by land. Some choose the long route, landing in Vegas and taking a near 5 hour drive to the premier resort. But a private jet that lands directly in the modest Page Municipal Airport can be a much faster route, bringing you straight to the heart of the world-class location.

Once there, you'll find over 600 acres of pristine resort scenery, creating a rich backdrop for a relaxing getaway in a land faraway. Enjoy a rejuvenating trip to the spa, explore centuries-old wine selections, and discover the finest food options across a range of one-of-a-kind restaurants you're not likely to find anywhere else.

For accommodations, Amangiri Resort offers an exclusive 5-star hotel - the only one available on the property. The lavish hotel brings you a world-class experience, with luxurious suites and expansive views of the sprawling picturesque landscapes just outside your window.

5.Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is a 30-hectare tropical destination off the northern coast of Virgin Gorda. This privately owned island was acquired by Sir Richard Branson and has since been developed by the Virgin Group chairman to turn it into a luxurious exclusive 5-star resort. Only accessible via private jet, this lavish island paradise offers secluded beachfront villas that open their doors to the breathtaking azure waters of the Caribbean.

To get to the island, visitors have the option to fly to the Beef Island Airport on Virgin Tortortola - 13 miles away from Necker Island. But if you prefer something a little more direct, a private plane can land you straight into the island to save you time and bring you to the action with much less fuss.

As you arrive on the island, you'll discover an extensive array of activities - from snorkeling, to kite surfing. For a more relaxed, slow-paced escape, spas offer a range of service to help you unwind, unclench, and enjoy the rejuvenating experience that the island has to offer.

6.Calivigny Island, Grenada

Covered in dense tropical forests, the Island of Calivigny is a small, world-class destination that was exclusively developed for elite travelers. Best reached via private jet, this hidden gem of a resort boasts stunning tropical views and lavish hotels that are guaranteed to make you feel like a celebrity. The opulent private island combines the conveniences of resort living and natural scenery to bring you the perfect marriage of luxury and island life.

Once you settle into the peaceful, tree-lined property, you'll find a variety of activities to indulge the explorer in you. Beach tours, yoga classes, and art workshops await those who want something a little less demanding. But for those who are interested in something a little more heart pumping, the island is also home to a wealth of water sports that are guaranteed to get your blood rushing.

Take to the Sky

Popular doesn't mean always mean premier. While many of the items on our list have probably never made a blip on your radar, they offer a wealth of experiences and a lavish travel experience that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

But aside from your destination, how you get there can make up a big chunk of the experience. Discover the road less traveled and unravel the hidden beauty of these exclusive, opulent resorts. Plan your next trip and make it count - hire a private jet to take you to the most beautiful private destinations for a world-class experience you're not likely to forget.

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