5 Reasons Why You When You Go Boeing You Never Go Back (to Commercial Flights)

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9 months ago

Air travel for business or pleasure is different from what it was in decades past. Many regard commercial flights as something that must be done in order to get to a destination in a timely manner and nothing more. What you may be overlooking is the possibility of traveling on a Boeing charter flight rather than booking another commercial one. Here are five of the reasons that you will never want to fly commercial again once you make one trip on a jet charter.

Convenient Departure and Return Times

Have you ever needed to make an emergency trip to see a client and been frustrated with the flight schedules offered by commercial airlines? At best, you might be able to fly standby and have the good fortune to make the trek just in time for the meeting. If you are lucky, there will be time to duck into the restroom at the airport and quickly freshen up a little before you take a cab to visit your client.

Contrast that with a Boeing private jet charter. You get to leave when you want, avoid long lines and cooling your heels waiting for the plane to the gate. Since you leave when you want, it’s easier to arrive in time to check into a hotel, clean up, and make sure you look your best before meeting with the client. When you are ready to fly home, boarding and settling in for the return flight is a breeze.

Larger Seats

There was a time when commercial airlines considered passengers to be customers instead of money bags to fill the seats. Back then, the seats were large enough to be comfortable. Now you feel cramped even in first class.

Choosing to book a jet charter to Philadelphia or other destinations means having a seat that is comfortable, roomy, and allows you to relax during the flight. Even when you are flying on something smaller than the typical Boeing, you have plenty of room. Make that charter flight on a Boeing and the comfort level will be a lot like settling into your favorite chair at home.

More Leg and Head Room

Larger seats are only the beginning. If you happen to be someone who is a little taller, then you know what it’s like to fold yourself into a seat on a commercial flight. Stooped slightly to keep your head from brushing against the overhead compartment and folding your feet under the seat so you aren’t chewing on your kneecaps becomes a necessity that leaves you feeling tired even after a couple of hours. Choose to take an Airbus business jet or Boeing charter and there will be no folding, no chewing on the knees, and no stooping. There is plenty of room in and around your seat. Relax and spread out a little. It will make the flight more enjoyable.

Direct Flights

Who hasn’t had to book a commercial flight that included connecting flights? Invariably, the flight you need to catch is at a gate on the other side of the airport. Since your plane was late, you now have to rush through the airport in hopes of getting to the gate before it closes. If you miss it, that means spending the next few hours waiting for a seat on the next flight going your way.

With a jet charter to Denver or any other destination, forget about connecting flights. At best, the charter jet could have to stop at an airport along the way to refuel. You still get to stay on the same jet. Best of all, you know for a fact your luggage will arrive at the destination the same time that you do.

The Matter of Privacy

Who can talk business on a commercial flight? Even if you are lucky enough to get seats with coworkers who will also be at the client meeting, the conversation has to be guarded. That’s because some of the information related to the meeting is confidential.

If you take a private jet charter, there are often areas set aside with work spaces. You can move over to one of those and discuss anything you need without worrying about the wrong ears hearing proprietary data. This arrangement also helps you prepare for the meeting now instead of waiting until you are back on the ground.

If you have never flown by private jet charter before, it’s time to make a change. Try this arrangement for your next business trip. After one round, you will never want to set foot on a commercial flight again.

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