7 Remote Destinations in the World You’ll Need a Private Helicopter to Visit

Posted by on 04/10/2016

The world is filled with wonderful places to visit. Unfortunately, not all of them are easily accessible by land or sea, and do not have landing strips large enough to accommodate commercial flights. While the options for reaching these destinations may be few at best, all of the following can be visited by booking a private helicopter.

Jan Mayen, Norway

Considered one of the most sparsely populated areas around the world, this island is also one of the most beautiful. The island is designated as a nature preserve and access is limited. While there is the option of enduring a long boat trip from mainland Norway or Iceland, a better approach is to reserve a helicopter and make use of the single airstrip available.

Supai Village in Arizona, USA

While the Grand Canyon can be reached using multiple travel approaches, the branches of the Canyon are another matter. One of those branches, the Havasu Canyon, is home to the Supai Village. Visitors will enjoy a beautiful terrain that includes spectacular waterfalls and many areas idea for camping.

Iquitos, Peru

Imagine a city with close a half-million residents and no major roads leading in and out of the area. Iquitos is such a place. Surrounded by water and rain forests on all sides, flying is the most practical way to come and go. Boat travel is an option, but it can take up to a week to make the trek.

While there, visitors have the opportunity to take a look at the traditional stilt houses that are found along with contemporary home designs. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the open-air markets and enjoy a wide range of foods and personal goods.

Deception Island, Antarctica

Not many people find themselves wondering about places to swim in Antarctica, so it may come as a surprise to find that Deception Island even exists. Found in the northern area of the Antarctic Peninsula, the island is home to the largest cemetery in Antarctica and the remains of the Hektor Whaling Station. Thanks to the fact that Deception Island is a partially submerged volcanic crater, the water is warm year round. Bring along a swimsuit and have a wonderful time.

Perth, Australia

Considered Australia’s most isolated city, Perth offers plenty of nightlife opportunities as well as beaches and other points of natural beauty. A three-day boat trip from Sydney is needed to get there, but rest assured there are landing strips that will accommodate a private helicopter.

Aogashima Island, Japan

With around 200 residents, this may not seem like must of a destination. In fact, it’s a mecca for those who love hiking and scuba diving. The hot springs are also a major attraction. While taking a ferry is a possibility, opting for a helicopter ride is the most efficient way to get there.

Medhufaru in the Maldives

Found in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Medhufaru is far from being a tourist spot. Even so, the island boasts beautiful beaches, pristine waters, and lots of privacy. The island can be reached by boat, but a private helicopter is faster and easier.

These are only a few of the remote destinations that would be perfect places for a vacation or holiday. Thanks to the safety of helicopter travel, these and other beautiful places around the world are a little closer than many think.