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Posted by on 25/08/2016

While a large number of the flights booked in this manner are domestic, more and more people are keen to find out whether it’s possible to fly transatlantic with a private jet or not.

Posted by on 24/08/2016

Over the past few years, private jet charter services have become a lot more common than people think This has resulted in the target market for these services changing somewhat. Below are some examples of who uses these services the most nowadays.

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Below are a few places where private jets are stored at airports.

Posted by on 06/07/2016

Whether for business or personal use, many people who spend a long time in the air eventually find themselves seriously considering the purchase of a private jet. When it comes to a private airline, there are many factors to consider, and price is only one of them.

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One of the most common questions is, how far can a private jet fly? The short answer in most cases is, as far as you need it to fly. The specifics of this answer are explored below, along with some hard numbers and real facts.

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There is no denying that most people would prefer private airline travel, if only to get out of the hassle of airport wait times and unexpected booking changes. Even those who dream of traveling in the luxury of a private jet, however, don’t always realize exactly how terrific the accommodations in those aircraft are.

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For those who are willing to go above and beyond the normal limits of luxury travel, here are the five more expensive private jets in the skies today.

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Chartering a private jet is an opportunity to avoid congested airport lines among the masses of people. It also a chance to start your flight off on the right foot by driving to the airport nearest you.

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There have been lots of speculations between allowing and not allowing the use of electronic gadgets and devices on a plane. Some of which actually root back to 1991 where the FCC or Federal Communications Commission and FAA or Federal Aviation Administration restricted the use of such devices inflight.

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Hiring a private jet or booking a charter flight can give us a convenient flight with surprisingly fair pricing. Most companies abide with a quotation system to estimate the costs and pricing of your flight rental. Request a quote from a local private charter.