Travel Privately, But Travel Clean!

Posted by on 05/05/2015

We as travellers really get the lovely chance of appreciating the beautiful places on earth. However, over time, there has been a great rise in travellers and people who are flying across the world for various other reasons like business and other official work. The great increase in the number of people travelling across places itself can ruin the beautiful places in the world because of how much of pollution is added to the world because of that.

We all celebrate Earth Day every year and try our best to be good to ourselves and the earth on that day, but our efforts have to stretch further than that. We need to continue appreciating the beauty of the earth as it is, and for that to happen, we have to be responsible travellers. In this article we are going to take you through simple ways with which you can travel clean and reduce adding our pollution burden to the earth through private air charter services.

Bring your own bottles for water

This is a simple way for you to save the environment with. The bottles of water given to you are plastic bottles and these are the main form of pollution added to the environment today through travelling. If you have your own bottle which you can reuse, you can fill them up in the plane, in the airport, or in public places with water coolers. This way you can avoid buying new plastic water bottles which would be sending the plastic to the environment yet again.

Plastic is a non-degradable substance which cannot be decomposed in soil. The only way it can be destroyed is through incineration which means that powerful and dangerous fumes would be added to the environment when it is being burnt. This is adding a lot of pollution to the environment and it can be simply avoided by just using our own water bottles for water consumption while travelling.

Don’t ask for extra pillows and towels

In your private jet, you are given your own fair share of pillows and towels to use. It would be made worthwhile if you can bring your own hand towels for your use during your travel in the flight. Using their towels would mean that they would have to be sent for dry cleaning after you use and that is a great waste and use of power, water and energy. It also uses a lot of cleaning agents which would add more pollution to the environment.

It is true that you would be paying for all these luxurious items during your private jet travel, but choosing to use your own towels for hygiene would be more environmentally friendly. It is a small gesture on your part which does not impinge on your convenience that much, but it goes a long way to save the environment.

Try not to dump your trash in the trash bins on flight

The trash bins on your flight are lined with high end plastic sheets which would be disposed along with your trash after your flight. These plastic bags have to be replaced after a single person travels in the flight whether or not the bags are filled with rubbish or just have a small ball of paper inside. When these are thrown into trash, the plastic would be burnt as we spoke about before and this adds to pollution greatly on the long run.

Do the earth a favour and keep your trash with you as long as they are dry items you can keep with you. You can then dispose them into recycling bins if they are items that can be recycled, or you can toss them in community trash bins which would be disposed accordingly when they are filled with rubbish.

Use electrical appliances with moderation

You are given a choice to use the water and electrical appliances on board in your private jet, but it takes some care and concern to use them wisely. Do not switch on the lights unnecessarily if you are just going to sit in one part of the jet to read a book. Also use the water wisely. If you can stop over at your hotel after you reach your destination to take a shower then you could do that instead of using the water on board for your shower.

Travelling is a luxury for many of us from decades before till now, and we want to keep the beautiful sceneries as they are until our children and grandchildren are able to travel. During our travel, the small things that we can do out of consideration for the environment would go a long way and play a big part to conserve our earth. So be mindful during your travels and your duration of stay in the new country and pay attention to the environment always!