Going to Texas on Business? Head There in Private and in Style

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10 months ago

Did you know there are over 5,000 airports that allow private jets to land? That provides you with a great travel option when you need to get to a client or a prospective customer quickly. Since you have a trip to Houston coming up soon, why not hire a private jet and make the most of the event? Here are some of the ways that this approach is much better than taking a commercial airline.

Forget About Airline Schedules

How many times have you waited in an airport for hours until it was time for your flight to leave? What about those connections you miss because your flight arrives just a few minutes after the connecting flight takes off? Any business traveler who has dealt with these types of situations will readily enjoy the idea of taking a private plane to Houston.

Since you determine what time you want to leave, there is no waiting at the airport. You arrive, board the plane, and the pilot takes off as soon as clearance is granted. Instead of being stressed out before you even get off the ground, you get to settle back and relax.

All the Leg and Head Room You Need

It seems as if the seats on commercial flights get a little smaller each year. In fact, it’s true that airlines are always looking for ways to fit a few more seats on each of their planes. The result is that unless you are just under average height and somewhat small in build, you are likely to feel cramped. Who wants to spend hours having to scrunch up during a flight?

When you chose to arrange for a jet charter to Houston, there will be plenty of room to be comfortable. Your head won’t be scraping the baggage compartment and there is actually enough room to cross your legs if you like. Add in the fact that the seat is more ample and it will be easier to close your eyes and enjoy a nap on your way to Houston.

Full Size Bathrooms

Anyone who has ever tried to turn around in the typical bathroom on a commercial flight knows how frustrating it can be. When you choose to travel by charter jet, the bathroom will be larger. In fact, it will be a lot like your bathroom at home. That’s important since it would be nice to not feel cramped while you freshen up before the jet lands.

The Meals are Better

Airline food doesn’t have the best reputation. Even the food served in first class is sometimes considered inferior to what was offered a decade or so ago. The nice thing about charter flights is that the food prepared for you and anyone else who is on the flight will be to your liking. Imagine being able to look out at the clouds as you savor a meal that leaves you feeling satisfied instead of hoping there are antacid tablets in your overnight bag.

Forget commercial flights. Start looking into options for flying one one of the Boeing private jets offered in your city. Between the convenience and the comfort, you’ll consider the expense to be worth every penny.

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