How is a Ride on a Private Jet Compared to a Commercial Plane?

Posted by on 26/08/2016

Flying on a private jet is vastly different to taking a flight with a commercial airline company. Below are some of the most notable differences between these two services.

1. Save Time and Hassle

When flying on a private jet, you will not have to arrive at the airport hours in advance to check in. In most cases, arriving a few minutes prior to departure will be more than sufficient to prepare for your flight. Unlike commercial flights where all passengers are subject to rigorous security searches, private or charter flights don’t require any form of security searches before you board either. This enables you to spend more time conducting business or even be with family or friends. Another advantage of booking a private flight is that it can be done at a time that is most suitable for you instead of having to fit in with the tight schedules that are offered by commercial airlines.

2. Far Fewer Luggage Restrictions

If you board a commercial flight, you are bound by numerous restrictions when it comes to packing your luggage. For example, you are not allowed to carry weapons or excess amounts of liquids on board. However, when booking a charter flight, there are few to no restrictions with regards to what you are allowed to pack. This means that if you would like to have your pets fly in the cabin with you instead of in the hold, you can do so. When traveling on a charter flight, there is also little to no risk of having valuable items lost or stolen – unlike with commercial airlines that deal with thousands of losses each year.

3. More Privacy

If you have ever flown commercial, you will know how cramped, noisy and impersonal these flights are. This makes it impossible to hold confidential business meetings or even speak comfortably with the person sitting next to you. However, private jets are far more comfortable and they offer far more privacy, which makes them ideal for holding in-air business meetings in style.

4. Enjoy Better Amenities

In general, commercial airlines provide very little in the way of amenities and service. For example, when food is served, everyone on a commercial flight receives the same meal and beverage options. On a charter flight though, you are able to stipulate the type of meals and drinks you and fellow passengers would like to be served. In cases where special occasions such as birthdays or business anniversaries are being celebrated, cakes and fully catered meals can be requested.

Another advantage of booking a private jet is that there is a larger variety of airports that you can take off and land from. This means that you aren’t limited to the airports that are used for commercial flights. NovaJet provides a top notch private jet service at prices that are more affordable than you realize. If you would like to find out more about the charter flight services offered by NovaJet, contact them today.