The Learjet: The Private Plane That Changed Travel

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9 months ago

If you've ever chosen to charter a jet for business or personal travel, then you know that Learjet is one of the most popular options for charter flights. There's a reason that so many people prefer Learjet aircraft for their flights. The company has been one of the innovators within the industry for several decades. Here is some of the history behind how learjet changed travel in ways that still apply today.

Where It All Began

The first of the Learjet models for personal or business travel began development in the latter part of the 1950‘s. While the preliminary design was considered to be a good starting point, it was later abandoned in favor of creating a prototype based on the Swiss FFAP-16, a ground-attack fighter aircraft.

Design and construction continued into 1962 and the early part of 1963. Tests at various phases of the project helped to refine the performance as well as define the features that would attract buyers. The first small jet, the Learjet 23, made its first official flight in October, 1963.

Setting the Standard

Many of the elements of the 23 set the standard for every Learjet for rent or sale in the future. Those same features impacted other charter aircraft developed by competitors. The small jet sported room that would easily accommodate six to eight people. The amount of leg and head room found in the main cabin was at least as roomy as anything a commercial airline could offer. The 23 would reach an altitude of 40,000 feet and included a range of up to 1,830 miles. The cruising speed was up to 485 miles per hour. Between 1963 and 1966, the 23 captured the attention of buyers as well as charter flight companies that wanted to offer the best to their clients.

Features That Made the Transition to New Jets

Several key features from the 23 carried over to the newer models. Elsewhere in the industry, the competition sought to emulate the work Learjet was doing. That meant paying close attention to how features that already attracted customers were being enhanced in the newer models.

The Learjet 70 is a prime example. Like all more recent Learjet models, the 70 includes a lighter body that’s still durable and provides excellent protection during a flight. Plenty of leg and head room is still part of the basic design. It takes a crew of two to operate the craft. In the main cabin, there’s still room for eight people, and actually space to include a ninth if the need arises. The range of 2,040 nmi makes it one of the most practical ways to fly as well as among the most comfortable.

The Learjet 75, released in 2013, includes many of the same legacy features of past designs and incorporates the best of the new features found in the 70. Like many contemporary private jets, there are additional features like access to WiFi, storage for food, and entertainment options for the passengers to enjoy. With both jets still in common use, many owners find that the Learjet 70 price and the Learjet 75 price are among the most affordable on the market, considering the range of features offered.

Between the Learjet price and the Learjet range, it’s not wonder that charter flight services typically have at least one or two of these jets on hand. When arranging charter flights, always inquire about Learjet rentals. You can depend on the comfort, the speed, and the range every time.

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