The Frustration of Airport Security

Posted by on 31/05/2011

Nearly anyone who has gone through airport security would agree that it is not a pleasant experience. In fact, you could actually compare the experience to being committed into a prison. Sometime’s it’s really that bad. Think about the similarities.

You go into a long, cramped line with guards and cameras all around you. Those guards are watching carefully for anyone who might make some kind of disturbance.

At several points you’re required to show identification. Sometimes in multiple forms.

You’re stripped of nearly all your personal belongings which are then carefully examined by several guards.

Finally you step through a metal detector as a guard carefully looks you over. As you’re told to go through, very rarely does the voice have any kind of emotion.

The guards seem to be speaking at you rather than to you. You’re just one faceless drone out of thousands of others they’ll see today.

It’s a sad truth, but all the security is necessary. About the only way to improve this situation is to fly with a private jet company. There will still be security to ensure safety. However, with a much smaller group of people, the people working security will be more apt to treat you like a fellow human.

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