NovaJet: Canada’s First Private Jet Operator To Offer Carbon Offset For Charter Flights

Toronto, ON (November 13, 2019) - As of November 13, 2019, NovaJet Aviation Group, one of Canada's leading business jet charter operators, is taking on the opportunity to be a leader in the industry and take action on emissions by offering initiatives to offset the carbon footprint of private aircraft charter.  In an effort to balance environmental responsibility and meet customer demand, NovaJet, partnering with TerraPass, is offering clients the means to purchase carbon offset for their travel.
NovaJet’s carbon offset initiative is being implemented with contributions through TerraPass, a well-established company that invests in carbon reduction projects around the world and helps fight against climate change. TerraPass’s portfolio includes a variety of offset projects such as working with farms to make use of animal waste, innovations with wind energy to help displace the electricity generated by fossil fuels, capturing landfill gasses and converting them into renewable energy, water restoration projects and more.

A carbon offset helps to neutralize the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. The offset is created by supporting clean energy projects and funding activities that help reduce CO2 emissions. To offset air travel, the total emissions resulting from the fuel burn is calculated in tonnes and the carbon credit equivalent is purchased by charter clients for their respective travel itinerary.

“NovaJet is pleased to be implementing this emission reduction solution, offering our clients the means to make a significant impact towards restoring balance and managing the carbon footprint we leave behind. By partnering with TerraPass, we are ensuring that contributions go towards research and development of renewable energy, conservation technologies and environmental initiatives, aimed at a long-term approach to sustainability,” says Philip Babbitt, President and CEO at NovaJet.

About NovaJet Aviation Group

NovaJet is a Canadian-based private jet operator, offering full-service aircraft charter, aircraft management and acquisition. NovaJet’s charter services are available 24/7, offering light, medium and heavy jets as well as helicopters.

NovaJet was one of the first ARG/US® Platinum safety-rated companies in Canada, is ISBAO™ registered, and is part of the Wise Group of Companies, which has developed a broad portfolio of organizations from diverse industries including real estate management and development, insurance, aviation, venture capital and charitable foundations.

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