Golf - US Open

The U.S. Open - known formally as the United States Open Championship - takes place every year in mid-June, culminating on Father's Day. It is part of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, and it is one of four major golf championships across the country.

What a nice Father's Day gift it would be to yourself or to someone you love to go to the U.S. Open! Imagine how much more special it would be if you booked a private jet flight to get there. You can fly with just your family or friends and enjoy personal in-flight entertainment, fine meals and champagne while you relax in a lounge chair or even take a restful nap.

Getting to the U.S. Open

Each year, the U.S. Open is held in a different location. In 2016, the U.S. Open will be held in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, but past locations have included Washington, North Carolina, and California.

In order to ensure you get the flight you need, you should look for the location as soon as the last U.S. Open ends. Once you know the location, you can start looking at charter options. Fly into a smaller airport to cut down on your travel time and avoid the crowds that the event will surely bring.

Getting Tickets

There are three levels of tickets you can buy to the U.S. Open, which include different amenities. For example, some tickets include food and beverage, access to climate-controlled pavilions, access to executive restrooms, and more.

You buy tickets in weekly packages, and tickets for children 12 and under are free. Children ages 13 to 17 can get tickets at reduced prices.

Buy tickets early to ensure you get the package you want. Consider treating yourself for Father's Day with the best package you can afford!

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