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Posted by on 30/03/2015

To any successful business person, time is one of their most valuable commodities.  And while some flyers think that flying first class is the way to save time and have a more luxurious flying experience, they are still at the mercy of the airline’s flight menu, schedules and airport security personnel. Flying in a private jet on the other hand is a far superior to option compared to flying in a commercial flight, the chosen ticket considered.

Posted by on 26/03/2015

If you are contemplating leasing a private jet for your next corporate road show, then you likely to have a set of questions to ask the operator about their safety. For example, are private jet charter pilots as experienced as their commercial counterparts? Are private jets as strongly controlled by the FAA as the public varieties? As a matter of fact, you will be amazed to discover that the safety and security factors of private jet charters by far surpass those set for commercial flights in a number of ways. Which ways, you may ask. Well, read on to find out.

Posted by on 23/03/2015

New brokers are continuously appearing in the industry, all promising to arrange the best private air charters on behalf of their clients while at the same time acting as their agent. How comes, you may ask. Well, in private jet charter arena, there are no real barriers as to who enters the arena, meaning that anyone can promote and call himself an air charter broker. To manage the risks associated with the usage of services provided by these companies, it is recommended to let a reputable and quality organization handle your private air charter requirements.

Although the FAA and DOT government departments are continuously reviewing and enforcing the best business practices, there are no set entry requirements, government-set rating, or broker approval rating for these air charter service providers. Not only this, the fliers assume the risk of choosing and using charter services on offer by these brokers.

Posted by on 25/02/2015

Although flying on private jets calls for more bucks, it is a worthwhile option because you get to enjoy luxurious amenities, comfort and convenience, and that is why many people are finding it a viable option. Today, there are new escape locations which are so exclusive such that other kinds of flights have not kept up with.

Posted by on 23/02/2015

Private jets are increasingly gaining popularity among travelers because they allow you to enjoy privacy, intimacy, luxury, security and convenience among other things when flying. And flying on a private jet is also one of the safest modes to travel. But you don't want to ruin your flight; there are some foodstuffs which if you consume before the flight, they might give rise to abdominal issues, give bad breath or cause dehydration, thus making the flight even more stressful.


Posted by on 20/02/2015

The quality of service delivered by private jets has continued to improve by day and that is why many people are finding it worth their energy, time and money to travel using them. There are no headaches or frustrations and you will get direct to your destination. If you are a business person and has never seen the need to travel using private jets, then chances are high that you have been missing out on a lot. Below are reasons why:


Posted by on 23/01/2015

Undoubtedly, there are many advantages to a private air charter. While it’s true that many executives choose to fly privately due to the luxurious accommodations that can impress even the toughest clients, the real benefits of private planes are in fact convenience and efficiency. By averting the nuisance associated with busy airport hubs and the chaos of commercial terminals, private jets save passengers a lot of stress and frustration.

Posted by on 21/01/2015

Granted, being a well-loved pet is quite the gig; not only does your life revolve around playing, eating, cuddling and sleeping, but you also don’t have to worry about work and finances. In the event that you love your pet that much that you can’t bear being away from it even for one day, then you should probably know that private jets allow you to take your furry friend with you on vacation.

Posted by on 19/01/2015

In case you’re looking to surprise your better half with the ultimate romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day, then you can’t go wrong with renting a private air charter. Not only does a private jet allow you to enjoy all the seclusion you need, but if you’re truly looking to make the grand gesture of love or perhaps are planning to propose, then here are some of the world’s top romantic destinations to consider.

Posted by on 09/01/2015

In case you got the itch for ski or snowboarding and you still have a week of vacation left, then you should consider booking a private air charter to one of the world’s top winter sports destinations. Irrespective of whether you’re a diehard ski fan, want to enjoy a few snowy outdoor activities or simply to show your snowboarding skills on the slopes, rest assured that there is something for everyone at the following amazing resorts.