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Do Private Jets Have to Have Flight Attendants

Do Private Jets Have to Have Flight Attendants?

Private jets are known to be compact and convenient when it comes to delivering you to your desired destinations. The company of a flight attendant in a private jet makes your flight more comfortable, well-serviced and well-accommodated.

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Tips to Save on Worldwide Jet Charter

Tips to Save on Worldwide Jet Charter

Traveling the world can introduce you to amazing new places, interesting cultures, and life-changing events. But international flights can be a test of your endurance. You are cramped in a tiny seat and fighting for elbow space, and you have to find a way to get comfortable or even to sleep with little more than a 2-inch "recline" - for hours.

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Where Do Private Jets Land

Where Do Private Jets Land?

Most people who prefer using private jets do not land in class B airports that are usually use by commercial planes. This is because of all the hustle involved and the additional expenses that come with it. For example, an executive who is flying to Boston will not land at an international airport such as Logan but will rather land in a smaller airport such as Norwood. Satellites airports like Norwood will give you an opportunity to taxi straight to the ramp or hangar where your limo will be waiting. Every major city has these small airports to allow private pilots to land and take off without having to go to a major airport.

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How Far Can a Private Jet Fly

How Far Can a Private Jet Fly?

Private jet travel gives you the ability to avoid airline hassles and enjoy flying in luxury. Many people new to the world of private airlines have questions about the specifications and limitations of this mode of travel. One of the most common questions is, how far can a private jet fly? The short answer in most cases is, as far as you need it to fly. The specifics of this answer are explored below, along with some hard numbers and real facts.

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