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Posted by on 02/12/2015

A good number of people can’t fathom the idea of flying with a private air charter. Most of them believe that this flying option is only accessible to large corporations or exceptionally wealthy individuals. In reality, this is not entirely true. Here some of the commonly held myths about private jet charters, some of which quite surprising.

Posted by on 25/11/2015

By opting to fly with a private jet charter, you will have the added advantage of flying like a king. Moreover, with these types of flights, you have more legroom and cushy leather seats for the duration of your flight. Better still, there are no security lines or even TSA pat downs. The perks of flying on rented private jets used to be the preserve of only the famous and extremely rich. However, all this has changed and ordinary people are now flying on private planes for under $200, but only if they know how to shop smartly.

Posted by on 20/11/2015

When people book private planes based on price alone, it normally leads to unsafe flying. The majority of low-cost jet charter brokers offer significantly reduced prices by ignoring vital maintenance and safety regulations as is required by flying safety authorities such as the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration. There is a real danger in this in that these types of brokers never perform due diligence for safety.  Because these kinds of brokers never really care to improve the safety of their planes, they do not always select the most appropriate aircrafts for the prevailing conditions or route to suit their client’s flying preferences.

Posted by on 30/10/2015

After an entire year of toiling and giving it your all to ensure you have achieved most of your yearly objectives, you definitely need a world-class tour with a posh private jet. If you come to think of it, spending your cash on the best private jet services is the most ideal way of giving yourself and your loved ones a perfect, luxurious and amazing treat. 

There are so many places that you can tour in the world but you will find few exceptional private jet companies offering you the kind of private flight services that linger in your mind for decades. Take your time when looking for the best private jet company and you will not be disappointed when you find one. Taking a tour with a private jet entails the following:

Posted by on 23/10/2015

When you choose to take a private jet when travelling to a certain destination, you are always sure of a certain things relating to flights. First, you will be absolutely sure that with a private jet, nothing will tie you to schedule and route systems that are very common in commercial flights. Secondly, you will be the one responsible for setting the itinerary. You will always depart for a certain destination as you wish. The private jet will be ready waiting for you. Thirdly, you will not worry about waiting zones, baggage claims, ticket counters and so forth. A private jet company will work out all these details to give you the best flight experience.

Posted by on 16/10/2015

It is many people’s dream to fly private to various destinations in the world. Private jet services have become much better in the recent years with addition of style, elegance and class in all aspects of air travel. Private jets now have mind-blowing interiors that bring out a particular theme. For instance, if you prefer a warm cozy living room, you can get it by booking a jet with such a design.

Posted by on 29/09/2015

Globally, business executives are slowly deciding to get rid of all the hassles that come with commercial flights. This as a result of some business executives realizing that there is so much inconvenience they have to deal with commercial flights. Some business executives also want a way to impress potential business partners and esteemed clientele with executive transport accommodations.

There are so many reasons that influence business executives to switch to private chartered flights. If you want a mode of transport that will impress your esteemed clients and guests, sustain your productivity and very convenient for you, then you need to forget about commercial airplanes and consider chartered flights!

Posted by on 19/09/2015

Going on a honeymoon is usually a rite of passage for recently married couples. While there may be those who lay emphasis on the wedding ceremony, similar consideration should be extended to planning the honeymoon. Not only does it mark the celebration of the union, it also allows the bridal couple to relax today to commemorate the start of the formal relationship status. One of the great prospects to consider is a private jet charter.

Those who believe that this option does not appeal in terms of the honeymoon usually do so because they think that it's going to be very expensive. But this cannot be further than the truth because nowadays, the rates of private jet charters are not too much higher than what you will pay for a commercial first-class flight ticket. Find out why your honeymoon will be more memorable when you fly by private aviation!

Posted by on 09/09/2015

As much as traveling by commercial airlines is the most preferred mode of air traveling today, traveling by a private jet is an experience like no other. The thought of not dealing with all the airport hassles is simply refreshing. Imagine having to avoid all those security lines, crowds of people and the best part having to get to your destination on your own terms. Private jet prices are normally high but your money is worth all the royal treatment you get while you are on board. Private jets come with comfort, style, indulgence and quality. Here's a brief look at what you can experience with a private jet charter:

Posted by on 31/08/2015

Almost all of us would have dreamt of a nice holiday in the middle of a gorgeous and scenic place. What would be even nicer is if you can arrive at such an exotic or beautiful location in a private jet. Such places are usually far from the usual busy city sides and an ideal way to access to them without conventional hassles would be to fly with a private jet. Here are some of the prime locations for you to consider.