Why You Should Charter A Private Jet Instead

Posted by on 27/04/2015

Private jet charter has always been seen as a luxurious form of travel. But the reasons we are going to reveal to you of which why you should use it as a form of your transport at certain times is going to take you by surprise! The rise of private jet charter as a form of transport has opened the market up from a very specified and luxurious one to something more usable by a larger range of clients. Despite private jet charter being opened up as a form of transport to more people in the market now, it still has not lost its points of value which makes it feel like a great luxury.

All the advantages and the points of distinction are fortunately still there. Be it you are a businessman travelling to Las Vegas or a tourist travelling to Toronto, it does not make a difference. Using private jet charter as a form of your transport is for you to have a taste of life in this alley, and we are going to convince you today why you should take up the chance and do that.

The cost

Yes, you read that right. The price of chartering a private jet is a selling point to why you should be getting it as your transport. It is no longer that the price is the only factor that is going to make you reject it as one of your options. This is because many air routes have become so popular in usage that using a private jet to go through them has become the cheapest option! The price to fly with your own private jet around certain places has become more affordable and less expensive than using your local budget airlines.

Surprising isn’t it? Because of the popular routes holding on to many “empty leg” flights, companies which can make use of such empty leg price falls are those which can give you a great deal for you to use private jet instead. How more convincing can this get? Better deals, less money spent off your bank balance, and yet you still fly in your own privacy, convenience and high class luxury in your own cosy private jet. Royal treatment just for you at your own affordable price – we can’t emphasise this further.

Having the power to design your trip

Chartering your own private jet gives you the convenience of planning your own itinerary to the smallest bits of details. It gives you the power to get down every single element of your trip to plan it just the way you want it to be. This is because when you get a private jet for yourself, it is going to be going places just for you and not for a whole group sitting in with you like in a commercial airline. Also since private jets are thankfully a lot smaller than commercial jets, they then have the luxury to stop at places closer to your destination because of the numerous smaller runways spewed all over the country.

Also, it is not just the itinerary that you get to decide, you can also choose a whole lot of other things when you decide to charter your own private jet. You can choose which aircraft you want to sit in, you can choose what food you want to be served inside, you can choose your own music, own ambience, whether you want to sleep or party in your private  jet and everything else you can think of. It is like designing your own event or your own residence during your travel.

This amount of power and versatility gives you the utmost convenience and royalty treatment you can ever imagine of. You have a stress-less travel experience which you are definitely going to enjoy without any complaints at all. And all of this with a price which falls under your wallet – why say no?

Travel in unparallel style

As we mentioned before, flying in with your own private jet has always been an idea of huge luxury and fantasy. Living your life and flying in with privacy in your own jet is such a persuasion of glamour and class. This is especially true if you are flying to really fancy places like Las Vegas or other areas, because you are going to land and walk out like a star celebrity.

But even if you are going to a relaxing place like Toronto with your family, it still holds your fantasy element to it any day. Flying in to your relaxed family holiday destination in a private jet saves you all the trouble of fighting with the crowd and hogging your luggage through long lines. Private jets give you a peaceful and calm mode of travel that is indeed really had to say no, especially after you have read our really convincing reasons which are absolutely true.