Is It Possible to Rent a Charter Jet Without Breaking the Bank?

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9 months ago

Some people think that charter flights are more expensive than commercial flights. That’s not always the case. In fact, there are times when you can take a charter flight and end up paying less than a coach seat on a regular airline. All it takes is knowing a few ways to get the best deals. Here are some tips that will help.

Ask About Unused Seats on Booked Flights

You need to make a business trip to Miami and wonder if a charter flight would be the best solution. When you call a provider to ask about flights, remember to find out if there is already a trip by charter plane to Miami reserved. Assuming there is an empty seat on that plane and the other clients don’t object, you could have your travel arrangements set in minutes.

Many charters are not filled to capacity. Since providers would like to make as much money off each flight as possible, they are likely to make inquiries and ensure the other passengers are fine with you coming along. Since the seat would otherwise be empty, you could get a discount. The rest of the party also benefits because the amount they pay will also be reduced slightly.

Arrange for More People to Come Along

Another approach is to find out if you have business colleagues who are planning to make a trip around the same time you are making yours. Assuming all of you are going to the same city, why not pool resources and arrange for one of the local business jets to take all of you to the destination? If enough people are set for the booking, splitting the cost will result in less expense for each one. Add in the ability to depart and return whenever the group agrees, and you have the makings of an easy and stress-free journey.

Be Flexible About When You Leave and Return

Whether you are joining a flight that is already scheduled or trying to put together a group to share expenses, be as flexible as you possibly can. It may mean leaving a few hours or even a day before you planned. If doing so will save a significant amount on travel expenses, a minor adjustment to your schedule is worth it.

Consider Paying a Monthly Fee for Unlimited Flights

How frequently do you travel? If you make several trips a month, it makes sense to find out if the VIP jet charter service you use has flat monthly rates for unlimited flights. Many people find that if they make as few as four trips each month, the cost of the monthly fee is covered. Best of all, that fee is likely to be less than the cost of making those same four trips on commercial flights.

Remember to confirm that the fee does involve unlimited flights. You also want to know if they are strictly domestic or if there is an additional fee for international travel. These quick questions will help you avoid any unexpected expenses.

You can enjoy the benefits of a low cost jet charter if you know how to go about arranging your schedule and asking the right questions. Contact your charter provider today and see what you can find out. The information could mean saving a tidy amount on your next business trip.

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