Cargo Freight in Private Airplanes

Posted by on 24/12/2010

The mention of private charters evokes the idea of a luxury that the well-off opt for a vacation. However, it’s neither just lavish nor is it limited to personal, leisurely usage. This article explains how private charters can be used effectively for cargo. This need arises from having to ship products quickly by air.
Goods need to be shipped by air for two typical reasons: one case is of perishable products such as food, medication, horticultural products; another is of non-perishable products that can’t afford to reach the destination any later, for example, documents or contracts. The first situation is more prominent as the goods can’t be transferred by ship in any case.
Though you’d agree with the need for air freight in such situations, you must wonder about the reason to opt for private freight charters. The answer lies in the sharp calculation that it’s actually cheaper to ship by private air charter than by cargo airlines in several situations. Firstly, private air freight charters are more advantageous in case of shipment of large amounts for only a short distance. Another case to opt for private freight charter is when there is less or no availability of space in commercial cargo or when the schedules don’t match.