Choosing between buying or chartering private Aircraft

Posted by on 18/10/2011

As well as buying outright or chartering aircraft as you need them you actually have a third option of leasing but this is for the purposes of this article similar in its advantages and disadvantages to buying a plane. If you do buy or lease a plane you are stuck with it and whatever limitations it has until you sell it or end the lease.

Having a plane of your own gives you flexibility and takes it away at the same time;with chartering planes you can always choose the size of plane you need for the purpose you have for it: this means that if you need to fly a large team of your employees out somewhere you can go for a larger aircraft and the rest of the time you can use smaller craft for moving yourself or maybe a couple of your managers.

The cost of chartering a flight can be cheaper if you are only going to rarely a private jet as well but you may want to use your own aircraft often: or you may want the flexibility of being able to have it ready and waiting at any time for you rather than having to book a charter plane that in some areas, especially remote areas, may take time to arrive.