Communication Tips For Your Next Plane Flight

Posted by on 15/05/2014


At Nova Jet, we have a special program known as the Flywise program. It is where you can reduce the costs of flying in a private jet or chopper by sharing the aircraft with other people heading to the same destination as you. Suppose you are planning to avail this program soon. Remember that you would be in the same aircraft with strangers. Here are some useful tips on how to converse with them:

• Smile and be friendly – The best and simplest way to communicate with other people in the plane is to simply smile. Avoid looking like a grump with a big frown. That would not do anybody any good. Smile and you might be able to brighten up someone’s day. Remember that some might have anxiety in flying and your smile might be able to cheer them up.

• Avoid sensitive topics – You will end up sharing a plane with people of various backgrounds and of various beliefs. Thus, it is important for you to avoid very sensitive topics. These include politics, religion, or even sexual intercourse. These topics might be uncomfortable to talk about and if you and the other person you are talking to have strong stances in these topics, you might get into an argument.

• It’s not about you – Remember that the conversation is not about you. A lot of people tend to put in facts about themselves as conversation fillers. Well, if you talk about yourself over and over, the other person might definitely get bored. Take time to listen to the other person. Let him speak and take interest on the things that he is saying.

• Do not talk loudly and maintain a peaceful flight environment – Avoid talking out loud no matter how fun the conversation is. Unless of course, you are talking with all the people in the plane! But if there are others who are not involved in the conversations, you have to lower down your voice. Who knows? They might want to relax and get some sleep. Now, there are some people who prefer flying in silence. You can know that a person is not interested in talking with you by simply noting his actions. If the other person does not contribute to the conversation then he probably does not want to continue the conversation. Body movements such as eye contact and posture might also help you indicate if the person is interested in talking or not.

• Have the courage to stop conversations – If you are ever at the receiving end, that is, somebody is already being annoying, you might feel that it would be rude to interrupt him and tell him you want silence. Well, always have the conversation to stop conversations. But be polite in doing so. You can say something like, “I enjoyed talking with you, but I’m very tired and it would be great if I can have peace and silence for the rest of the flight. Thank you.

Consider applying these conversation tips the next time you avail the Flywise Program. Of course it isn't always going to be a communication war for your next plane flight so some of these tips are just general guidelines. Always remember Nova Jet if you want enjoyable and affordable private air transportation!