Comparing Private Jet Companies

Posted by on 17/09/2011

If you’re thinking of renting a private jet for your next trip – or even on a constant basis so you can have something available for your business meetings at all times – remember to have a good look at the market in order to make sure that you’re working with the right private jet companies, and that you don’t get ripped off. It can be tricky to know that you’re working with the most suitable company for your budget, but it won’t take long to find it – and you should get quite the good savings if you make the right choice, too!

Keep in mind that some private jet companies are directly aimed at rich travelers with a lot of money to spend on their flights – so they only offer luxury solutions and nothing below that. Looking at these can give you the impression that you’ll need a few hundred thousand dollars to get anywhere, but that’s far from the truth. Remember that most private jet companies charge by the hour – so if a price seems too good to be true, check if it’s not an hourly rate as opposed to a per-flight fare, which can certainly change things quite a bit!