How to Find a Good Deal for a Charter Flight

Posted by on 28/04/2016

You might think that taking a charter flight is far out of your price range, but you might be surprised at how affordable private, charter flights can be. In some cases, you can enjoy expedited check-ins, private entertainment and luxury seating for less than $150 per person. The trick is in finding the deals! You don't need to have a special "in" with a charter company or a connection with an employee who can get you a special deal. You just need to know where to look. Here are a few things you can do to find a good deal on a charter flight:

Check Out Aggregators

Just like there are sites like Expedia and Travelocity that aggregate commercial flights, there are sites that aggregate charter flights. You can use these to shop for charter flights all over the world, and you can compare flights to find affordable options.

The way to get the best deals is to sign up for alerts about last-minute deals. When flights aren't sold out, some charters make those seats available for much lower prices the day before the flight. Sometimes, you can get a single seat, but other times, you can rent out the entire plane.

Get a Monthly Plan

Some charter operators offer an unlimited amount of flights between certain locations for a monthly fee. These flights are usually for regional locations, such as from D.C. to New York or from California to Nevada.

Most of these plans offer significant savings if you would take about four flights typically in that month. These are great options for business travelers or for those who want to see family in another state frequently.

Show Your Loyalty

Flying with the same charter operator frequently may make you eligible for certain loyalty rewards. You may get notified about last-minute specialty fares, or you may be eligible for discounts or even miles to put toward upgrades and free flights.

Some charter operators just reward you with perks for your loyalty, such as access to VIP lounges or other extras. Though even without these extras, flying on your own chartered jet is always pretty special and includes plenty of perks.

Flying a charter jet is the height of luxury, but you don't have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a Hollywood bigwig to enjoy it. You just need to use these tips to help you find great deals on these flights.