Luxurious Private Jets are Nicer than Your Home!

Posted by on 04/07/2016

There is no denying that most people would prefer private airline travel, if only to get out of the hassle of airport wait times and unexpected booking changes. Even those who dream of traveling in the luxury of a private jet, however, don’t always realize exactly how terrific the accommodations in those aircraft are. Luxury private jets provide space, convenience, and a wide range of amenities that aren’t normally available in your home.


More Space Than You Think

Most people think of travel aboard a jet as a cramped, uncomfortable affair. Even if you fly first class or have used a small luxury jet in the past, you might not realize how much space you really have aboard a high-end luxury jet. Modern private jets offer enough headroom so a six-foot-tall person can easily stand up and not bump anything. Seats are designed with width and arm space in mind. Even the aisles are designed to be as wide as possible. A typical airline of this class comes with traditional seating as well as dining and presentation table seating, which allows you to host a dinner party or a business meeting while you are thousands of feet in the air.

Livable, Comfortable Space

People unfamiliar with the benefits of a private jet might think of the lighting as purely artificial, with natural daylight only coming through small windows next to the passenger seats. In reality, private jets tend to take the passengers’ comfort and wellbeing into mind in every way possible. This includes providing as many as 10 to 15 large windows to allow natural light to fill the cabin during the day. Bathrooms are as spacious as possible with the full range of plumbing amenities. Depending on the type of aircraft, other amenities can include a fruit or coffee bar, ergonomically designed tables and seats, and much more. Modern private jets provide better living conditions than many living rooms.

A Full Home of Furniture

Thanks to the existence of adaptable and convertible furniture, the accommodations in a luxury jet can match virtually any furniture configuration you might have in your home. Sofas can be converted to beds for overnight travel. Meeting rooms can easily change into dining rooms. Even the carpet and upholstery in the cabin can be customized to fit whatever makes you and your fellow passengers the most comfortable. While each such change requires a few minutes of work from the crew, they are very easy and can give you the feeling of having a cozy home in the sky.

Air travel doesn’t have to be limited to cramped seats, noisy neighbors, and mediocre accommodations. One of the greatest benefits of owning a private jet is the fact that you can adjust and customize the aircraft to fit your needs. When you combine that flexibility with the fact that almost all private jets these days come with a healthy dose of luxury, you will find that the inside of a luxury aircraft does in many ways feel nicer than your home.