Tips To Saving Money on a Private Jet Rental

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4 months ago

Whether your upcoming trip is for business or pleasure, choosing to reserve a private jet for rent rather than securing seats on a commercial flight is a great idea. You can maximize the savings on that Toronto private jet for rent in Toronto by employing a few basic strategies. Doing so allows you to enjoy the flexibility and comfort provided by flying on a private jet, and also keep the costs within the limits of your travel budget. Look into these suggestions and see what they will do for you.

Consider Downsizing Your Jet Choice

How large must the jet be to accommodate your party? If you have eight people who are making the trip, do you really need to rent a private jet that seats sixteen? Remember that private jets come with varying amounts of seating capacity. You do want enough space for everyone to be comfortable, but there’s no point in reserving a jet that is much larger than you need.

This is especially important if you are traveling no more than a few hours away. Having extra space might be a good idea if you plan on traveling longer distances and people will likely want to spread out for naps or to enjoy some quiet time away from each other. When the flight will not last that long, private jets that are just big enough for everyone to be comfortable for a couple of hours is sufficient.

Be More Flexible With the Year of Manufacture

There are some people who insist that they will only reserve the latest generation of jets. While it’s always nice to travel in something new, don’t assume they are inherently superior to one of the older jets available. A reputable charter service ensures that all of their jets meet or exceed current standards for performance and safety. Best of all, a jet that is a little older and in less demand than the newer ones will likely cost a little less.

The best way to know for sure is to talk with an agent at the charter service. Specifically ask about any older private jet for rent that’s available. Find out how the rate compares to reserving a newer one with similar features and amenities. You may find that the older one makes it possible to rent a private jet and be just as comfortable.

Consider Airports Where the Charter Service Has a Presence

Did you know that some charter services offer lower rates if the client is departing and returning to airports where the service already has a presence? When you start looking into any private jet for rent arrangement, ask if the service has a presence at the airport where you want to land. If so, there’s a good chance the service does not have to pay what is known as positioning costs. When the service incurs less expense, they are likely to pass a portion of those savings on to their clients.

Look into Landing and Handling Costs

Another expense that is often associated with travel by private jets is known as landing and handling cost. Basically, these costs are more likely to apply at larger airports. If you happen to be traveling to a destination with several smaller airports in the area, you could save a significant sum by choosing to land at one of them. When your charter service has a presence at an airport and the landing and handling costs are lower as well as the positioning costs, it’s easier for you to charter a flight at a lower rate.

Share the Flight With Another Party

The jets available are all a little larger than you need. Since the cost will be the same whether you fill all the seats or only half of them, why not see if there’s another group who are traveling to the same destination? The two groups can fly together and share the overall cost. When you choose to rent a private jet with another party, everyone enjoys the benefits of private jets and keeps the cost per group a little lower.

Do Without Some of the Frills

A private jet for rent does come with a number of frills and amenities. Depending on how long the flight will last, are there some of the optional services that you could do without? If so, arrange to cancel those services and do without them this time.

For example, you normally rent a private jet that includes the option of catered meals. Since you will only be on the air for a short time, why not have everyone pack lunches and bring them along? You’ll save the catering charge and everyone gets to eat whatever they like.

Catered meals are not the only example of frills you can do without. Do you really need more than one attendant on the flight? Is there any reason why you must have a massage while en route? Think about the range of frills that are offered and choose to not select options that drive up the price. You can always treat yourself to one or more of those extras after landing and checking into your hotel.

Explore the Possibility of Taking an Empty Leg Flight

This one requires a great deal of flexibility on your part. The process is somewhat like flying standby on a commercial flight, but with a little less risk. If you can adapt your schedule to take a seat on a charter flight that would have to fly back to your city empty anyway, the charter service is likely to offer you a significantly reduced rate. Taking advantage of it may mean leaving several hours or maybe a day later than you planned, but the money you save will be worth it.

Private jets are a great way to travel, especially when you can arrange the rental for a more competitive price. Spend some time finding out if any of these approaches can be arranged and how much they would save on the overall cost. You will find that with a little effort on your part and some cooperation from the charter service, you can still enjoy all the benefits while keeping the expense as low as possible.

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