Are Private Jets Bad For the Environment?

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4 months ago

The environment is a huge concern for everyone. We all want a cleaner world for our children in the future. The environmental global agencies are implementing programs that will change the future in great ways. People are walking and driving their automobiles only when necessary. The Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada have been monitoring the carbon foot print that impacts the environment. They actually developed a pie chart which shows the percentages many modes of transportation actually impact the environment. The pie chart surprisingly shows that automobile travel leaves the largest carbon footprint on the environment. Automobile travel leaves 55 percent of the impact on the environment globally. The latest statistics showed that cars are the worst for the environment. Private jets and aviation leave only a two percent of that pie chart carbon foot print in terms of traveling. This leaves a gold star for jets having the least impact. Flying in private jets is considered the safest mode of travel for the environment.

Jets Are Safe for the Environment Huge

passenger planes leave a much bigger part of that two percentage points in which environmental impact is measured by the FAA in American Federal Aviation. Canadian Aviation is actively working toward making air travel a much safer form of travel for the environment. Transport Canada is actively working along with the FAA on the ASCENT program to make aviation even safer for environmental impact. The science is amazing and it is being worked on daily to improve the way aviation fuel affects the environment including safer cleaner burning fuels and more.

Traveling by Automobile Leaves the Largest Carbon Foot Print

Traveling by jet is the safest for the environment. It leaves a very small percentage in comparison to every other mode of long distance transportation. It is efficient and private jets are safer for travel in so many ways to help the environment. Constant maintenance and smaller engines with serious attention are very important to leaving a small impact on the environment. Automobiles are the worst travel for the environment. There are many reasons that contribute to this factor. Maintenance and more frequent trips in smaller areas in town contribute to this foot print. Airports are also doing their part to improve the environment by working on vehicles which are used in airports every day. So if you love to fly on jets enjoy the confidence that it is considered the safest travel for the environment.

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