Making the most of your time with a charter jet

Posted by on 18/10/2011

A charter jet is an expense that many can’t justify, those who can justify it though have valuable time and the cost of a charter flight may be well worth it for the time they save. You may put yourself or your company’s top people on to commercial flights where you know how much their time is actually worth so you can warrant the cost.

It is not just the fact that on a charter flight it is far easier to get work done that may persuade you to book a charter flight:there is also time to be saved before and after the flight by not having to go through the airport or wait in it for several hours. On the flight though it is work but also rest and relaxation that a person might need and might want to make the most of on the flight, especially if it is a night flight and they need to go straight into meetings or to events on arrival.

The length of a charter jet flight is also often shorter than a difficult to get the plane in the right place at the right time and so staff may need to take commercial flights or be delayed waiting for the private jet to arrive.

With a charter flight you can usually get a flight nearby even at short notice: in the major cities of America, Europe and South East Asia this should never be a problem and many charter jet companies offer almost worldwide coverage.The size of plane you charter can be exactly what you need as well meaning that you don’t have to use a 12 seat jet for one person or meaning that you don’t have to put 8 people on commercial flights because your plane only has capacity for 4. right experience for. As a major investment you can save a lot by buying the right aircraft from the right place and making sure you get a great leasing deal if you need to. An aircraft acquisition company will offer you consultancy to help you choose the plane you wish to purchase and then can manage everything involved in buying the plane you want at the best price and ensuring that all paperwork is present and correct and the condition of the craft is good. Your plane will be delivered to you at a place of your choosing fully working and ready to fly and with any remedial work or interior changes you have requested complete.