Need Your Plane to Leave or Arrive at a Time that Suits You?

Posted by on 22/07/2011

Often when we travel by plane, it’s for the speed and convenience. It’s the best option to many of us because we don’t have time to waste on slower alternatives. This is why it’s so infuriating when commercial airlines don’t live up to their purpose.

You can buy tickets weeks in advance to make sure you get the flight that best fit your schedule, only for it to be delayed or outright canceled at the last minute. Also the lines at security and check-in eat up hours and hours of your time. Wasn’t this supposed to be the fast option?

When buying tickets, you may also have a hard time finding a flight that perfectly matches what you need. There may not be any flights departing on the day you want or they may all be scheduled at very inconvenient hours.

If you’re operating on a fixed time schedule, you’ll want to go for something more reliable. Chartering a private jet is the way to do this.

When you rent a private plane, the company is scheduling a flight that caters specifically to you and your convenience, not theirs. When you schedule your flight, you get to specify the exact time you’ll be departing. You also won’t have to worry about extensive waiting in lines.