Private Jets get more Affordable

Posted by on 31/01/2011

Vacations mean fun, and you can get most out of holiday travel by renting a private jet. Private jets are increasingly becoming a reality for commoners, thanks to their growing affordability. Private jet rentals have cut down the costs to attract more audience. This doesn’t mean that they have compromised on the quality. Private jet planes are still more luxurious compared to first class of commercial jets. Moreover, there are methods to save on the rental costs of a private jet by choosing the right plane.
Smaller planes have better hourly rates, and often irrespective of the number of passengers, up to a limit. Small private jets typically cost $600-$2000 per hour per one-way trip. Say, you have 5 passengers flying in a $600 per hour private jet, making it less than $125 per person. Another benefit of small private jets is the greater choice of destination. Larger planes have limited destinations, so may require a drive; though the options are still more numerous than for a commercial plane.
Another cost advantage of private jets is that you can add few more passengers, even in the last hour, up to the permissible limit. Another option is to have your company book a one-way trip, and reduce the rate on return, as the pilot needs to reach home anyway.