Find Out Why These Executives Always Jet Charter to NYC

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4 months ago

There is no doubt that the golden age of commercial flight is over. Today, it’s a race to see how many people can be crammed into each flight without regard to comfort or much in the way of amenities. That’s why so many executives and other business professionals choose to take jet charters instead. While there are many other reasons for making this choices, these are three of the more common benefits that busy executives enjoy by choosing to make their trips to New York City by private jet.

More Productive Use of Time

CR is a telecommunications executive with a number of clients in the greater New York City area. Competition within the industry is fierce and it’s not unusual for other companies to do their best to lure customers away. There are times when CR needs to get in front of a client quickly in order to prevent a defection.

As CR can attest, there’s a lot of time wasted with commercial flights. At least a couple of hours will be devoted to checking in, finding the gate, and waiting until boarding time. Once in the air, there isn’t much room to get any work done. Between the cramped space and the distractions caused by other passengers, a lot of time is wasted.

CR finds that a jet charter to NYC eliminates the waste. Boarding is quick and uncomplicated. On the charger flight, there’s room to work and perfect the strategy needed to keep the customer from being lured away. by the time CR reaches New York City, all the preparations are in place. That would not be possible if the travel was on a commercial flight.

Not Subject to Airline Flight Schedules

DC has kept operational expenses low by aggressively negotiating discount volume agreements with vendors. That often means meeting with them face to face and ironing out the details of those contracts. Being able to charter a Boeing aircraft and take a team along to ensure no details are overlooked pays off in a big way.

The ability to move quickly on a volume purchase agreement is one of the key’s to DC’s success. That’s why chartering light private jets that can be ready for takeoff in very little time is so important. When the plan is to gather everyone who needs to sign the agreement quickly, getting to New York City without any delays is imperative. Commercial flights with their delays and the potential for missed connections could end up spelling the end of a deal and making it necessary to open negotiations all over again.

Ability to Discuss Sensitive Issues While En Route

AR is a person who knows quite a bit about how clients operate their businesses. It’s not just information that is in the public arena. There is also data that is considered proprietary. AR’s clients trust him to not divulge that confidential information, directly or indirectly.

When the preparation for an upcoming meeting in New York City will include the discussion of proprietary data with a select few, it pays to think about traveling on Airbus rentals rather than commercial flights. The reason is that it’s possible to ensure there is no one present who is not part of the customer’s support team. Thanks to the privacy provided, AR is able to openly discuss any issue relevant to that client and know the information is only being shared with those who need it to serve the client properly.

Using charter flights for business travel is not simply a luxury. As these executives can attest, this mode of travel can make all the difference when it comes to closing a deal, keeping a client happy, and ensuring the relationship lasts for years. Consider this mode of travel the next time you need to see a client quickly. You may soon find yourself among those who see what a positive difference this one decision makes.

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