Private Planes: A Classy Convenience.

Do you hate waiting in line or waiting for other people to pass through security at an airport? If so, you could consider purchasing tickets on a private plane. Private planes are more expensive than ordinary flights, but you usually get a discount if you bring a group along with you. So, instead of everyone paying the same amount for their tickets at for a commercial flight you can all pitch in for a ride in one private airplane. If everyone pitches to hire the pilot and the plane each person will pay considerably less than you would if you bought tickets for a commercial flight. Of course, the flight will be much more enjoyable for you and your friends. Commercial airplanes tend to be crowded and noisy; if you hire a private plane you can practically do whatever you want as long as you do not jeopardize anyone’s life. So consider flying in a classy private jet next time you have to travel anywhere. If you are flying to participate in an event which will only occur once or twice in your life time you might as well make it as special as possible. You can always make the money back later.

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