3 Reasons Why Air Travel by Boeing Jet is an Amazing Experience

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1 month ago

If you are about to travel buy private jet for the first time, be prepared to enjoy a whole new experience. Flying to your destination on a Boeing private jet is nothing like being on a commercial flight. While there are a number of reasons why a jet charter is a better choice, here are three of the more important benefits you will enjoy during that first flight. 


No Waiting at the Gate


How many times have you arrived early so you could check in and then wait for an hour or more before boarding a commercial flight? Think of all the time you waste sitting in the airport when you could be doing something constructive. If you have never known any other approach to air travel, you may think this is the way things must be. In fact, you can do away with the waiting altogether.


With private jets, you have the opportunity to quickly get to the jet, hand your luggage over to a trusted employee of the charter service, and settle directly into a comfortable seat. There is no need to stand in a long line and then wait near a gate. The crew will ensure the flight is properly cleared for takeoff and be ready to leave as soon as you and any other parties accompanying you are on the jet. 


So Much Room 


It seems as if the seating in commercial flights gets a little tighter every year. There are times you wonder if the planes are intentionally designed for people who are a foot shorter and weigh at least 50 pounds less. That’s the only explanation why anyone would find those cramped seats and lack of head room to be comfortable. 


With jet charters, you can forget about feeling cramped. This is especially true on a Boeing private jet. The seats are roomy and there is no need to slump in order to avoid hitting your head on something. In fact, there is often room to get up and walk around once the jet is in the air. Whatever your destination, you can rest assured your private flights to Kansas City, Chicago, or New York will not leave you feeling stiff, irritable, and more than a little sore. 


Getting Off the Jet is Quick and Easy 


Remember how much simpler it was to board the jet? You’ll find much of the same experience waiting for you at any of the flights destinations you could choose. The charter crew will ensure you are able to get off the jet as soon as possible. Instead of having to find a baggage claim area and wait for your things to come around on the carousel, it’s easy to claim them as you leave the jet. That makes it all the easier to make your way to the private car waiting near the jet, load your luggage in the trunk, settle in the back seat, and be on your way. 


There’s a lot more to traveling by private jet than these three amenities. Talk with a charter service today and learn more about how this mode of travel can work well for your next business or personal trip. Once you try a jet charter once, you will never look at commercial flights the same way again. 

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