The Top 12 Travel Destinations Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the ability for people to travel for pleasure as well as business. As the pandemic spread and more people were affected, most nations around the world closed their borders as one way of protecting their citizens. During the last half of 2020, some countries began to open their borders again. While some restrictions still apply and visitors may be required to quarantine for a time or observe other precautions, 73 nations around the world were welcoming visitors as of the end of November. Here are twelve of the top destinations to consider if you feel the need to get away and see something different.


Located in East Africa, Tanzania began to welcome tourists once again during the month of June. At present, visitors from all nations that were previously allowed to travel to the country can do so. Currently, testing and quarantines are not required. Everyone is required to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Why visit Tanzania? The country has a thriving tourist industry that includes all sorts of nature-related tours. There’s also snorkeling that is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. Enjoy safaris if you like, along with visits to beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to see Mount Kilimanjaro while you’re there.


The green beauty of Ireland is legendary and one of the reasons why people seek out this country as a vacation destination. Along with the history and the rich culture, there’s plenty to enjoy. The major cities offer just about any type of nightlife activity that one could want. There is also plenty for families to do.

At present, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is a requirement. Visitors from certain nations, including the United States, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days after entering the country.


July 15, 2020 was a big day in the Maldives. That was the day that the country officially reopened for international tourism. Composed of 1190 coral islands and 26 atolls, the Maldives was struck particularly hard by the pandemic. That’s because so much of the economy depends on tourism.

Choose to go here and get to enjoy all sorts of natural beauty. Stay in overwater bungalows that provide a spacious view of the water. You also have the option to book a reservation in one of the many luxury resorts found in the nation.

Currently, citizens of all nations are welcome, subject to the usual Visa requirements. There are no special quarantine protocols that you must comply with, although wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is expected.


Turkey remains one of the most popular destinations for business and pleasure travel. With a rich history, there are museums to visit and even archaeological sites that allow limited access by visitors. If you want to enjoy the ocean, there are a number of places to stay and enjoy the view. Shopping, nightlife, and plenty of wonderful foods to try will be yours if you choose Turkey as your destination.

There are currently no quarantine requirements in place, nor is COVID-19 testing required to enter the country by air or any other means. The standard Visa requirements are in force, and you will be free to travel anywhere in the country. Masks and social distancing are required. You may also need to allow a temperature screening as part of the entry process.


If overseas travel seems a bit much right now, consider the idea of reserving a charter jet and trying somewhere closer to home. Colombia is a good choice to think about. One considered a risky place to visit, the country has emerged as a top spot for people who love the idea of backpacking vacations or enjoy the mountains as the perfect spot to get away from it all.

Columbia currently does not have any type of quarantine requirements for visitors. You will also not have to undergo a COVID-19 test to gain entry. Feel free to travel anywhere in the country once you’re admitted. Do take along your mask, since it must be worn in all public places. You will also need to practice social distancing for the duration of the stay.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another possibility if you like the idea of taking a charter jet to a nearby vacation spot. The nation historically attracts a lot of tourists because of the affordable cost of accommodations, food, and other amenities. The beautiful beaches and the guided tours through lush national parks also makes the trip worth it. There are plenty of water sports to enjoy during your stay, as well as plenty to do at night.

There are currently no quarantine requirements for visitors to Costa Rica. Mandatory COVID-19 testing is also not in force at this time. You will be expected to wear a mask when outside your hotel or other accommodation. Social distancing is essential at all times.


Warm weather, sunshine, white sandy beaches, and resorts designed to cater to every taste are some of the things that make Jamaica such a wonderful place to visit. For years, it’s been the place for many North Americans to spend their vacations. The close proximity makes it an ideal destination if you would rather travel by charter jet instead of booking a commercial flight.

In terms of restrictions right now, visitors from all nations are welcome. The usual Visa requirements do apply, and you will be expected to wear a mask and practice social distancing. While there are no mandatory COVID-19 tests for visitors from many nations, those arriving from the United States, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico must provide documented proof of a recent test. Those results must be from a test conducted in the last ten calendar days. Travelers staying in the tourism corridor will not have to quarantine.

The Bahamas

More than 700 islands make up the Bahamas and provide visitors with access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The appealing waters and the deep turquoise hue make the setting all the more attractive. You can enjoy all sorts of water sports, including snorkeling and scuba diving. If you like, settle onto the beach, soak up some rays, and work on your tan. At night, you can find clubs, concerts, and just about any other form of entertainment that you like.

Beginning on November 1, Bahama discontinued mandatory COVID-19 testing for those entering the country. You are expected to provide confirmation that you’ve been tested for COVID-19 in the last seven calendar days and that the results were negative. There are also no mandatory quarantines. Do observe social distancing and wear your mask when out in public.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has long been a destination of preference for many vacationers. Up until the pandemic, 2020 looked like things would be no different. As with many other nations, the borders did remain closed for a time. Now that they’re open once again, you can think about booking a charter jet to take you to your favorite spot.

As with many other areas of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers plenty of beautify sandy beaches to choose from. The climate is warm, sunny, and ideal for any type of outdoor activity. Enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and all the fresh air that one could want. Later on, feel free to make the most of the open air concerts found here and there as well as clubs featuring all sorts of entertainment. When you get hungry, partake of local cuisine as well as foods that are found around the world.

There are no restrictions in terms of who can visit the country. You will have to meet all standard Visa requirements. There is no COVID-19 testing per se, although random breathing tests are conducted at most points of entry. Feel free to travel anywhere in the country that you like, remembering to wear your mask in public places and also practicing social distancing at all times.


Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize is truly a gem for anyone who wants to get away and not be concerned about a language barrier. English is one of the official languages of the country, along with Spanish and Mayan. With pristine beaches and beautiful small cities and towns to explore, you can bet that Belize is one of the best places to spend a few days or weeks away. Best of all, you can easily charter a jet that will get you from the United States to Belize.

As of October, Belize is in the third phase of a five-phase plan to reopen the country. Tourists can enter through the Philip Goldson International Airport and then continue to their destinations. Entry by air is the only option for now. All land borders and seaport remain closed to inbound visitors. There is no quarantine requirement, nor is there mandatory COVID-19 testing. Be prepared to provide proof that you’ve been recently tested and the results were negative. You are expected to wear a mask in all public places and practice social distancing.


Prior to the pandemic, Croatia had become a tourist destination that garnered up to 20 million visitors a year. The combination of beautiful coastlines, a rich history, and the unmatched architecture ensured there was plenty to see and do. Since the country has now been reopened, visitors can once again enjoy all of these wonders and more.

Visitors from European Union nations do not have to deal with quarantines or tests. Those visiting from non-EU nations will observe a 14-day quarantine unless they can provide proof of recent testing that was negative and took place in the last 48 hours. It’s also necessary to provide proof of a paid accommodation. Masks must be worn in all public places, including when using public transport. Social distancing is expected at all times.


US and Canadian citizens have often turned their sights toward Mexico when the time came for a vacation. The close proximity means that reserving a charter jet to get to and from the vacation is a snap. Since July, Mexico has once again begun to welcome visitors from across the globe, with Cancun leading the way.

There is no quarantine to be concerned with, and not COVID-19 testing is required to enter the country. Much emphasis is placed on safe practices while visiting Mexico. Do wear a mask in all public settings, including when using public transport or utilizing ride share services to get around. At present, there are some specific places identify as safe for travel; visitors are expected to remain in those areas only. Some that have been certified as safe for travel include Yucatan, Baja, Campeche, Jalisco, Oaxaca, and Tabasco.

Are you ready to get away from home and see something different? Consider one of these locations. When and as possible, arrange your travel with the help of a jet charter service. Along with making the trip more comfortable, traveling in this way will get the vacation off to a great start.

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