Top 5 Luxury Private Jet Escapes for Canadians

Posted by on 04/11/2016

Whether the plan is to find an out of the way location for a honeymoon, a family holiday, or a great place to take an important client, there are a number of luxury private escapes that Canadians can enjoy. Best of all, each one can be reached with the use of a private jet. Here are some suggestions to consider for that next trip.


Off to Alaska

A holiday in the Tundra is a wonderful way to get away from it all. Enjoy the beauty of the Northern lights, the glacial rivers, and the combination of untouched natural beauty with nightlight only a short flight away.

Exploring the Warmth of Hawaii

If a warmer setting is desired, consider booking a private jet to Hawaii. There are still plenty of beaches that remain relatively untouched, so there’s no need to rely on the local tourist hot spots. Guides provide insight into the culture and legacy of the Islands. Shopping by day and enjoy concerts, luaus, and other entertainment at night will ensure no one gets bored.

Nature and Privacy in Banff

For those who would rather remain closer to home, consider planning a holiday in Banff. Found near the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the setting is anything but rustic. All the modern amenities are there, along with plenty of nature’s wonders to enjoy. Hiking and guided tours are readily available. After a day out, enjoy relaxing in a modern spa before heading out to enjoy the local clubs and other amusements.

Skiing in Whistler

If the idea of skiing sounds like the perfect plan for a long weekend, Whistler is a great destination. All sorts of snow sports abound, and visitors will enjoy a wide selection of comfortable lodges.

Whistler is also home to some of the finest art galleries in British Columbia. There is the opportunity to learn more about the art and culture of the First Nations peoples and how that influence still impacts the local flavour of the city. After a day of taking in the arts and spending some time on the slopes, ask the concierge for suggestions about restaurants, clubs, and other local spots.

Exploring History in Merida

Consider arranging for a private jet to Merida near Cancun in Mexico. The city has roughly a quarter of a million residents and is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country. Open-air stages with live entertainment are found in many quarters of the city, and something good to eat is never far away. Make Merida a base of operations and enjoy day trips to Mayan ruins and other historical sites. The experience is one that will not soon be forgotten.

Private jet escapes can be spur of the moment events or they can be planned in advance. Take the time to learn more about these five options, plus the many others places that can be reached using a private jet. Doing so will ensure that whenever the urge to get away from it all strikes, deciding where to go will not be difficult.