Top 5 Ways To Deal With Air Sickness

Do you get sick whenever you hit the skies? Motion sickness in the air or air sickness is something that a lot of people suffer from. If you have a history of air sickness, you might want to apply the following tips for your next flight:

Be careful of what you eat prior to flight

Before you fly, it is very important to have a strict diet plan. Try to avoid those foods that you know your stomach might have a hard time dealing with. Spicy foods, fatty foods, salty foods, and foods that contain alcohol are just some examples of what you should NOT eat before the flight. They are known to cause the head to spin and make you feel nauseated.

Avoid putting on strong perfume

Sometimes, people get easily sensitive to odor once they are already in the air. That is why it is practical not to put on too much perfume. And when you put on a few amounts of perfume, use the mildest one you have. If you are flying commercially and you end up beside somebody with strong perfume or worse, body odor, you can always ask the stewardess to have you transferred to another seat.

Do not strain your eyes

Flying can be quite boring and so many people choose to bring books with them. However, if you are suffering from motion sickness, you should not read books while travelling. Well, you can always read whenever the plane is faring smoothly through the clouds. But if the plane is suffering from air turbulence, it is advisable to simply put down your book or whatever you are reading. Avoid playing video games or doing anything with your gadgets that might cause strain to your eyes.

Relax and calm down

When in the skies, it can be quite easy to be anxious especially if you still have not been used to flying. Being anxious can cause various symptoms of motion sickness such as dizziness, heavy sweating, and nausea. That is why whenever in a flight, it is very important to relax and calm down. Do some deep breaths. Meditate. It might help you if you listen to some good relaxing music.

Sleep or get enough sleep

You also have the option to sleep throughout the flight. Even if you are in for a short flight, a little nap would not hurt. While sleeping, you would not be able to enjoy the view from above but at least you would not have to suffer from air sickness. If you know that you cannot sleep while in the air, then it is important for you to get enough sleep before the flight because lack of sleep can also lead to motion sickness.

Follow these tips and you would have fewer chances of suffering air sickness on your next flight. If you want to ensure an enjoyable flight, you can always charter a plane or even a helicopter from Nova Jet. Our aircrafts are well-maintained and can deliver you to your destination fast and safe.

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